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25 Years without You…Ode to my Mom

One of my Mom’s favorite flowers


25 years is a long time…love and miss you everyday, Mom…

Written by Tami Bemis Cole

My beautiful, wonderful Mom!

You taught me much when I was small,                                                                                         Rules and manners, I learned them all.                                                                                                     You kissed my hurts and dried my tears,                                                                                           You put on the night light to dispel my fears.

You held me close and let me go,                                                                                                              How hard that must have been, now I know.                                                                                                 I looked up to you; you were so strong,                                                                                                     But you said that that was wrong.

Strong you said you never were,                                                                                                    Your strength came from God, on that you were sure.                                                                       He showed you what your potential could be,                                                                                 And this is what you taught to me.

If you keep your eyes upon Jesus on the pathway of life,                                                                   In all of the good times and certainly the strife,                                                                                   You will never go wrong or choose the wrong way.                                                                             Just ask Him for help, He is listening today.

You took me to Sunday School and taught me of Him,                                                             Though the times that I listened back then, were slim.                                                                 Still you kept at it, you lived by His Word,                                                                                     Spreading your sunshine in this mixed up lost world.

It has taken me years to see you were right,                                                                                          I finally understand how to walk in His Light.                                                                                You made a big difference in many lives, I can see,                                                                       And the ripple effect goes much further than me.

I am not fearful, sad or alone,                                                                                                                          I know where you are and you’re finally home.                                                                        Someday I will see you again in that place,                                                                                          Oh, to hold you again and  look at your face.

You were a Mother so devoted, so loving and true,                                                                             I vow to teach my children what I learned from you.                                                                                                                                 Tho the years you were with us were not nearly enough,                                                               God, in His wisdom He took you and times have been tough.

How the minutes ticked by and the years, they’ve just fled,                                                       But I’ll always remember the words that you said.

If you keep your eyes upon Jesus on the pathway of life,                                                                   In all of the jobs- being friend, mother, daughter and wife.                                                     You’ll never go wrong or sink over your head,                                                                                 And God surely will bless you as you follow Him instead.


Connect with your “Why”

My Dream Home

Connect with your “why”
Your “why” is that compelling vision that drives your success. It is unique to each of us…That central, significant reason for devoting yourself, your time, your talents and your energy into your business. This can easily be applied to your life too. Excerpt from Build It Big by Direct Selling Women’s Alliance.

Discover your Innate Power


One key to success is discovering your innate power and using it to deal with challenges.    Don’t wait for others to open doors for you.  Make a conscious effort to find your power source, use it to fuel your passion, and release the greatness within YOU!   My inner power is Jesus Christ.  “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me”  Philippians 4:13

12 Tips to help grow your business

  1. Find the beauty around you

     Have passion –Certainly for you business, but also for life.  Your passion will help you overcome difficult moments and persuade people to work for you and want to do business with you.  I notice that people always flock to a person with passion.When it diminishes, take some quiet time to reflect on why you started the business and why you like being your own boss.  Find your “why”…your compelling vision that drives your success, a central, significant reason for devoting yourself, your time, talents and energy into your business.

  2. Your major company asset is YOU-Take care of yourself.  Your health is more valuable than the most expensive machine or computer software.  Exercise, eat right and get enough rest.  Maintaining your health and balancing your business and family time will give you energy that will enhance your mental outlook.
  3. Seize every moment-Look at every day as a gift filled with opportunities to rise above fear, self-doubt, and mediocrity.   Set specific goals to succeed and make every effort to exceed your own expectations.
  4. Set an example of trustworthiness and integrity-maintain a strong work ethic.  Treat others with honesty and respect and the business will come.  It’s not about the bottom line, but about building relationships.
  5. Be flexible, except with core values-At one point or another, your best laid plans will falter and will need to be changed.  Sometimes a trip in a different direction is just the way to increase growth.  However, NO matter the pressure for immediate profit, do NOT compromise your core values or integrity.
  6.  Don’t let fear of failure hold you back-Look at failure as an opportunity to learn.  If you encounter a roadblock, think of ways around it and take action.  There is more than one road to success.  There will be plenty of ups and downs as you build your business.  Learn from them and move on.  You cannot change the past, but you can use it to your advantage and not make the same mistake twice.
  7. Use your time wisely- It is crucial to think ahead and plan your course of action.  Schedule wisely.  Don’t put off doing something just because you think it takes too much time, is hard to start or is boring…do it anyway.  Procrastination leads to missed opportunities.
  8. Discover your innate power-Find the power within you…your power source and use it to fuel your passion, and release that greatness within you.  Use that power to deal with challenges.
  9. Believe-You need to believe in yourself, your company and your products.  Your confidence is contagious.  See yourself as a go-getter with the power to turn a no into a yes.  Be determined to blaze new trails to success.
  10. Have the right attitude-How many times have you seen the underdog team or player win over the more talented opponent?  Attitude is everything.  Stay positive and find ways to keep that first day freshness, enthusiasm and determination.  Reflect often on why you are doing what you do.
  11. Constantly improve yourself-Stay abreast of what is going on in your field and constantly improve your knowledge and skills. Enroll in classes or access self help tools that will help you improve yourself.
  12. Periodically step outside your comfort zone.  Challenge yourself to try something new.  Take a class, make a cold call, go door to door or join a networking group or do a radio interview.  Complacency can be our worst enemy.  There is always room to grow, we just have to keep making the effort.

 Of all these tips, passion is the most important.  We can learn the other 11 tips, but passion comes from within.  You cannot fake it for long.

Love what you do and do what you love

References:  Build It Big by Direct Selling Women’s Alliance

12 Tips for Business Success by Bob Reiss

Living the BEST life you can-each day is a GIFT

So Beautiful…the butterfly
Living a short lifetime and making the most of every minute!

“Every day is a gift filled with opportunities to rise above fear, self doubt, and mediocrity. Set specific goals to succeed, then make every effort to exceed your own expectations”. Excerpt from “Build It Big” by Direct Selling Women’s Alliance on how to keep that first day of freshness, enthusiasm, and determination for your business, but I say also for your relationships and your life. More tomorrow…


Oxygen levels in the body are directly related to pH.  Increasing pH from 4.0 pH to 5.0 pH increases oxygen to the cells by ten fold. Each whole number increase by tenfold again, so 4.0 pH to a 6.0 pH … Continue reading

Build it Big book review tips

Great Tips to Build a Home based
Direct Sales Business

Build It Big is a book by Direct Selling Women’s Alliance.  It has lots of tips to build a successful home based direct selling business.  I started reading it recently and will be blogging for a bit about it.

Here are 7 tips to “Build It Big”  with your new business.

1.  Develop a love of product and company.  Use the product and share the results you have had.  A personal connection to a product or service is so much more real than just talking about what the product does generically.  Learn about the company and know what they stand for.

2. Cultivate a good working rapport with your up-line.  Work with them and learn from their mistakes and take their advice on what is working

3. See the beginnings of your team develop.  As you share your story, people will want to try the products too.  When they try and love the products and company too…as they join you…these people along with your up-line are the beginning of your team

4. Seize numerous opportunities to share product and business opportunity.  You meet many people everyday.  Share your story, samples of products and your passion with them.

5. Begin to make money.  As you have people buying the products and your team develops, you will begin making money…whether it is commission based, retail sales or both.

6. Start growing, learning, and gaining confidence.  As you meet new people, build your team and share your story, you will learn ways that work and do not work, you will be learning about the products and company and gain confidence in presenting your story and business opportunities to others.

7.  Enjoy the journey.  Have fun with what you are doing.  If you truly love the products and company, people will see your passion.

Reference: Build It Big, by Direct Selling Women’s Alliance

Mercury, a toxic heavy metal

So pretty, yet SO TOXIC

What is mercury?

Mercury is the 80th element on the periodic table and has the chemical symbol Hg. Elemental mercury is a silver-white, heavy, mobile, liquid metal at room temperature. It is the only metal on the periodic table that is found as a liquid at room temperature. Properties of mercury are that it contracts or expands evenly when heated or cooled, it remains a liquid over a wide range of temperatures, it does not stick to glass, and its ability to conduct electricity.

Mercury is a fat-soluble toxin.  It is, by far, the most toxic metal on the planet AND the most powerful neurotoxin, as well. It is second only to plutonium in its reactivity and toxicity.  Unlike other heavy metals, mercury binds tenaciously to the fat-soluble neurological tissue. That’s why it loves to bind to brain neurons – because the brain is over 60% fat. Mercury is always the last metal to be eliminated as it “hides behind” the other metals and lies in the deeper strata of the tissue.

Once mercury is in the body it is difficult to remove because it binds very strongly to human tissues.  It can have  a severely damaging effect on the liver and when  in the bloodstream, the liver is unable to process it for elimination. In serious cases, this toxin can accumulate in and suffocate the liver, leading to liver damage or even death.

Mercury is  a catalyst to infection. It is directly immunosuppressive. Immunosuppression involves an act that reduces the activation or efficiency of the immune system.

The steady release of mercury into the environment has resulted in current levels that are three to six times higher than the estimated levels in the pre-industrial-era atmosphere. We can take in mercury by eating fish, which have absorbed it into their tissues from the water. Mushrooms can accumulate high levels if grown in contaminated soils. Some dental amalgam fillings contain mercury. Metallic mercury is also used in a variety of household products and industrial items, including thermostats, fluorescent light bulbs, barometers, and glass thermometers.

Modern day uses of mercury include:

  • as a catalyst
  • in ritual practices
  • in most ammunition
  • electric switches
  • thermometers
  • fluorescent lights
  • barometers
  • thermometers
  • schools
  • medical schools

Looking at all the things that contain mercury, it is pretty obvious that we all have been exposed to it in one degree or another. But how well is our body eliminating the mercury it comes in contact with on a daily basis?   Some people have the genetic ability to easily detoxify mercury and eliminate it from the body, while others are genetically susceptible to its accumulation even from low-level, everyday exposure.

Removes the heavy metals, lead, mercury and cadmium

How do I get rid of the heavy metals in my body?
there is a way to remove harmful levels of heavy metals from the body – it’s
called chelation.

HumiKleanse datasheet

A substance is “chelated” when it is grabbed, trapped, and transformed by a chelating agent. The chelating properties of humic acids have been exploited for a long time in the purification of wastewater.
In effect, the unique formulation of humic and fulvic acids in Humifulvate® acts like a magnet for the large atoms of heavy metals, capturing them so they can be flushed out of the body through normal processes of elimination.

AIM HumiKleanse®: A pure, plant-derived source of humic and fulvic acid.  The physical and chemical properties, water conditions, vegetation, and
microbial fauna of a given soil determine the quality and quantity of the humic
substances in peat. Humifulvate® comes from 3,000- to 10,000-year-old peat
moss and is in a natural conservation area free from industry or agriculture.

AIM HumiKleanse® is a natural chelating supplement that helps your body rid itself of heavy metal accumulations while enhancing the body’s ability to utilize trace minerals. AIM’s product contains Humifulvate®, a unique combination of humic and fulvic acids, which act like a magnet for the large atoms of heavy metals. Once captured, they are flushed out of the body through the normal elimination process.

  • Helps to remove toxic substances from the body
  • Helps prevent the absorption of toxic substances
  • May increase the retention of calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium

Reference: AIM HumiKleanse data sheet

My fun at a radio interview

Spreading the word that I am a Health Coach

“I recently had the opportunity and might I say, great pleasure, of being a guest on Absolute Broadcasting, LLC., a local radio station, WSMN 1590 AM, out of Nashua, NH”.

 Listen here

I happened upon Nicole Renelick and Joanne Randall at a networking meeting in Epsom NH at the Circle 9 Ranch and Campground.  Nicole was telling the group all about a great opportunity to be on live radio.  Needless to say, being a bit of a showman myself, I was curious.  We exchanged cards and I found her on Facebook.  It was a few more weeks before I actually got the nerve to do anything.  I was on FB one morning and Nicole was on too…we chatted and then I had her call me.  She gave me more information about the actual show I would be on…it is NH Women in Business and is hosted by Joanne Randall, who also owns Leap Year Marketing.

I set up an appointment to be on in a couple of weeks…date set for Friday, July 13 at 11:00 a.m.  The show runs for an hour, but with the commercials and station breaks…actually talk time is about 48 minutes.  Could I find enough to say?  Would I freeze and get tongue tied?  Lots of fears and “what ifs” crossed my mind and continued to be in the forefront of my thoughts for the next two weeks as I prepared my cue cards and researched areas I wanted to speak on.  I was excited and nervous.

I was also worried if I could find the studio.  Now I am not afraid of driving and I can MapQuest and get directions, but again, some of those fears raised their ugly heads…what if i get lost?  What if I get there too late?

Well, I am happy to say I drove almost right to the station.  I gave myself just over an hour to find the station. It is a 45 minute ride from my house.  I did not want to be late.  It was heading onto 10:40 when I pulled into the parking spot.   5 more minutes to get to where I needed to be.

I stopped just one time when I was close to my destination and asked a guy on the sidewalk where Main Street was.  He said I was on it.  Yay!   I asked where 149 was, he said right down the street.

149 Main Street,Nashua, NH

I went past the station on purpose because it was on the other side of the street, turned around at the next intersection and found a spot to park.  Nicole had told me ahead of time to bring quarters for the meter.  Maximum parking is 90 minutes at a cost of 25 cents per 15 minutes. I fed the meter to the max.  I had 15 minutes to spare when I was done…so great timing!

I was given clear instructions on the signage and where to go once I was in the building.  I met up with Joanne.  I had taken 2 AIM Composure  (a combination of natural herbs) to calm my nerves.

Naturally relaxes me without the groggy jittery side effects

I was a bit frazzled, having thought I was late, but with the Composure working and Joanne giving me a hug and assuring me that I was right on time, I knew I would be fine. I arrived at 10:45 exactly! Joanne chatted with me for a few minutes and put me totally at ease.

I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough to talk about or would get too emotional when I was talking about my Dad and how I came up with  my business name (with God’s prompting).  She said not to worry, she would step in if things got tough,but she again assured me that I would be fine.

The interview started and for the first few minutes, I was nervous.  When I listened to the recorded broadcast, I counted over 20 times, I said “um” in those few minutes.  I need to work on that!  By the second segment, I was fine…even able to joke and relax.

I made up some cue cards to help keep me ontrack during the interview…not to read from ,but to use as reference.  I stuck pretty close to my plan, but still spoke from my heart and not from following a script.

Having a BLAST doing radio!

By the third segment, I was having a blast!  I couldn’t believe it when we were at the one minute to end mark!  Joanne was professional and friendly.  She promoted my business name, web address and contact information several times and prompted me to talk about those topics I wanted to cover about who I am, what I do and what services I offer.

Since this radio show is called “NH Women in Business”, I would suggest to any woman wanting to promote their business to look into this avenue.  The cost at the time I did it was $100.00 for the hour.  In return, you receieve a podcast of the session to post on your web page, Face Book and other social media.  You also get a QR code to put on business cards and other promotioanl materials and a LOT of FUN!

I had so much fun, I am considering doing a health segment…if I can come up with sponsors and people to be on a show that I would host, talking about health related topics.  I guess we will just have to see where the Lord will take me!

Gain your Composure

The major cause of nervousness, anxiety, restlessness and sleepiness is stress. We need to be aware of how stress impacts our health.

A drop of water falling in the same spot over a period of time will eventually erode the surface it is impacting, whether concrete, rock, wood, or other substances. Stress and lack of rest are very much like that drop of water falling on the surface of our body , mind, and emotions. It’s effect is cumulative and if left unchecked, can disrupt any or every part of our lives depending on its intensity.

Stress is the tension that results when our response to what is happening in a given moment triggers our flight or fight mechanism—how our bodies react to a shock or perceived threat. Stress can be useful in small doses. For example, the stress of seeing the finish line may cause an athlete to experience a burst of speed in the race for the finish.

However, undue stress is above and beyond that which we were created to endure. It occurs when we work too much, sleep too little, struggle with family , work, financial, and social obligations, deprive our body of needed nutrients, or
or experience injuries.

When we experience stress, the adrenal glands release
cortisol, a hormone designed to help our body utilize proteins, carbohydrates and fats to produce the energy to respond to whatever is causing the stress. Normally, cortisol levels are higher in the morning and diminish during the day allowing us to rest in the evening.   When stress continues through the day and creates a demand for increased amounts of cortisol, adrenal exhaustion and unnaturally high levels of cortisol can result in sleeplessness, blood sugar irregularities, high blood pressure, fat accumulation, exhaustion and more. The overall result is that stress depresses the immune system and opens the doors to numerous health issues.

Special blend of herbs to help you naturally and safely deal with stress


Composure is a special blend of the extracts and whole herbs of eight herbs that work together to help you in times of stress. You may find yourself more relaxed, and when combined with a healthy diet, experience a healthy sense of

Composure uses herbal extracts and whole herbs. The extracts are extracted from the whole herb and spray-dried back on to them in a special process that uses water, not harmful substances.  Then they are ground. The whole herbs are also ground.

Composure is 100 percent natural. There are no artificial
colors, flavors, or preservatives, nor are there any added sugars,
salts, yeasts, or fillers. And, the capsule is vegetarian.

Following are the individual herbs that make up Composure.
Affects: stomach, blood
Alfalfa is one of the green grasses, which are some of the most nutritionally rich foods there are. It is a source of chlorophyll, vitamins, including A, D, E, K, and beta carotene, and minerals, including selenium. It is especially rich in minerals, as it pulls up nutrients from root depths as great as 130 feet. It is also an effective overall tonic used for rebuilding the body after serious
or prolonged weakness or illness.
Irish Moss
Affects: lungs, kidneys, skin
Irish moss contains 15 of the 18 elements composing the human body. It contains vitamins A, D, E, and K and is also high in iodine and calcium.
Marshmallow Root
Affects: intestines, kidneys, bladder
Marshmallow root derives its botanical name from the Greek word altho, which means “to heal.” Humbart Santillo, in Natural Healing with Herbs, calls marshmallow root a nutritive. Michael Castleman, in The Healing Herbs, notes that it is a digestive aid. It also has a calming effect on the body.
Affects: nerves, uterus, stomach, lungs
Research has shown that oat bran, and to a lesser extent oatmeal, may help reduce high blood cholesterol. Oats contain flavonoids, a number of minerals, vitamins B1, B2, D, E, and carotene, as well as wheat protein. It is a natural relaxant. Santillo, in Natural Healing with Herbs, notes that oatstraw is good for the nerves, and Penelope Ody, in The Complete Medicinal Herbal,
notes that it may help with depression.
Affects: nerves, circulation
Passionflower was used by Native Americans to soothe the nerves, and it has been used more recently for hyperactivity, insomnia, Parkinson’s disease, and nervous tension. Its constituents maltol, ethyl-maltol, and some flavonoids are potentially sedating, and another constituent, passi-florine, reportedly promotes calmness and ability to sleep. In Europe, passionflower is used in sedative preparations.
Shavegrass (Horsetail grass)
Affects: kidneys, blood, heart, and lungs
Shavegrass is a member of one of the oldest groups of plants on earth. The plant’s success can be attributed to its ability to grow in poor soil with minimum moisture. It has been used both internally and externally since the 16th century, usually as a powder. As an herb, the entire plant is used. It contains flavonoids and minerals.
Slippery Elm Bark
Affects: whole body
Slippery elm bark was used by Native Americans as a skin ointment. It heals burns, wounds, and poison ivy. It also boosts the adrenal glands and respiratory system, and draws out impurities. Castleman, in The Healing Herbs, and Ody, in
The Complete Medicinal Herbal, cite the bark as being good for digestion. It neutralizes stomach acids.
Affects: blood
The yucca is a cactus-like succulent common to the western United States and most of Mexico. It helps reduce inflammation and pain in joints.

Key Benefits and Features
• Helps maintain neuro health
• Increases relaxation
• More than sixteen years of safe and beneficial use by AIM Members
• 200 mg of herbal extracts per capsule
• 200 mg of whole herbs per capsule
• Economical and convenient
• 60-count vegetarian capsules


Q:  These herbs are also in AIM Herbal Fiberblend®. Why don’t I just take this?
A:  Composure was created because so many people experienced benefits from the herbs in Herbal Fiberblendand asked us to give them the herbs without the fiber. You can, of course, take Herbal Fiberblend and get some of the herbal effect.

Q:  Can I take Composure with Herbal Fiberblend or other AIM products?
A:  Yes, you can take Composure with other AIM products.   Taking Composure with Herbal Fiberblend will enhance the herbal benefits of Composure.

Q:  Will this product make me sleepy?
A:  Some people do experience this effect, while others do not.

Q:  Do I need to take Composure every day?
A:  The needs of each individual vary. Some people feel it is useful to take Composure only during times of stress.  Others use it regularly as part of an overall health program.  Composure should be used daily during the period of supplementation in which you choose to use it (as opposed to taking it two times per week or whenever you feel like using it). There is no problem with daily use of Composure from a safety point of view.

Q:  Is it better to take Composure during the day, or should I only take it at night?
A:  Take Composure when you feel it is needed. Some people take it during the day to help with stressful situations, and others take it in the evening to help relax.

To order Composure