My fun at a radio interview

Spreading the word that I am a Health Coach

“I recently had the opportunity and might I say, great pleasure, of being a guest on Absolute Broadcasting, LLC., a local radio station, WSMN 1590 AM, out of Nashua, NH”.

 Listen here

I happened upon Nicole Renelick and Joanne Randall at a networking meeting in Epsom NH at the Circle 9 Ranch and Campground.  Nicole was telling the group all about a great opportunity to be on live radio.  Needless to say, being a bit of a showman myself, I was curious.  We exchanged cards and I found her on Facebook.  It was a few more weeks before I actually got the nerve to do anything.  I was on FB one morning and Nicole was on too…we chatted and then I had her call me.  She gave me more information about the actual show I would be on…it is NH Women in Business and is hosted by Joanne Randall, who also owns Leap Year Marketing.

I set up an appointment to be on in a couple of weeks…date set for Friday, July 13 at 11:00 a.m.  The show runs for an hour, but with the commercials and station breaks…actually talk time is about 48 minutes.  Could I find enough to say?  Would I freeze and get tongue tied?  Lots of fears and “what ifs” crossed my mind and continued to be in the forefront of my thoughts for the next two weeks as I prepared my cue cards and researched areas I wanted to speak on.  I was excited and nervous.

I was also worried if I could find the studio.  Now I am not afraid of driving and I can MapQuest and get directions, but again, some of those fears raised their ugly heads…what if i get lost?  What if I get there too late?

Well, I am happy to say I drove almost right to the station.  I gave myself just over an hour to find the station. It is a 45 minute ride from my house.  I did not want to be late.  It was heading onto 10:40 when I pulled into the parking spot.   5 more minutes to get to where I needed to be.

I stopped just one time when I was close to my destination and asked a guy on the sidewalk where Main Street was.  He said I was on it.  Yay!   I asked where 149 was, he said right down the street.

149 Main Street,Nashua, NH

I went past the station on purpose because it was on the other side of the street, turned around at the next intersection and found a spot to park.  Nicole had told me ahead of time to bring quarters for the meter.  Maximum parking is 90 minutes at a cost of 25 cents per 15 minutes. I fed the meter to the max.  I had 15 minutes to spare when I was done…so great timing!

I was given clear instructions on the signage and where to go once I was in the building.  I met up with Joanne.  I had taken 2 AIM Composure  (a combination of natural herbs) to calm my nerves.

Naturally relaxes me without the groggy jittery side effects

I was a bit frazzled, having thought I was late, but with the Composure working and Joanne giving me a hug and assuring me that I was right on time, I knew I would be fine. I arrived at 10:45 exactly! Joanne chatted with me for a few minutes and put me totally at ease.

I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough to talk about or would get too emotional when I was talking about my Dad and how I came up with  my business name (with God’s prompting).  She said not to worry, she would step in if things got tough,but she again assured me that I would be fine.

The interview started and for the first few minutes, I was nervous.  When I listened to the recorded broadcast, I counted over 20 times, I said “um” in those few minutes.  I need to work on that!  By the second segment, I was fine…even able to joke and relax.

I made up some cue cards to help keep me ontrack during the interview…not to read from ,but to use as reference.  I stuck pretty close to my plan, but still spoke from my heart and not from following a script.

Having a BLAST doing radio!

By the third segment, I was having a blast!  I couldn’t believe it when we were at the one minute to end mark!  Joanne was professional and friendly.  She promoted my business name, web address and contact information several times and prompted me to talk about those topics I wanted to cover about who I am, what I do and what services I offer.

Since this radio show is called “NH Women in Business”, I would suggest to any woman wanting to promote their business to look into this avenue.  The cost at the time I did it was $100.00 for the hour.  In return, you receieve a podcast of the session to post on your web page, Face Book and other social media.  You also get a QR code to put on business cards and other promotioanl materials and a LOT of FUN!

I had so much fun, I am considering doing a health segment…if I can come up with sponsors and people to be on a show that I would host, talking about health related topics.  I guess we will just have to see where the Lord will take me!


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  1. Tami it was so great having you on the show. Thanks for blogging about it! Love to see you get your own show.-Joanne

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