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25 Years without You…Ode to my Mom

One of my Mom’s favorite flowers


25 years is a long time…love and miss you everyday, Mom…

Written by Tami Bemis Cole

My beautiful, wonderful Mom!

You taught me much when I was small,                                                                                         Rules and manners, I learned them all.                                                                                                     You kissed my hurts and dried my tears,                                                                                           You put on the night light to dispel my fears.

You held me close and let me go,                                                                                                              How hard that must have been, now I know.                                                                                                 I looked up to you; you were so strong,                                                                                                     But you said that that was wrong.

Strong you said you never were,                                                                                                    Your strength came from God, on that you were sure.                                                                       He showed you what your potential could be,                                                                                 And this is what you taught to me.

If you keep your eyes upon Jesus on the pathway of life,                                                                   In all of the good times and certainly the strife,                                                                                   You will never go wrong or choose the wrong way.                                                                             Just ask Him for help, He is listening today.

You took me to Sunday School and taught me of Him,                                                             Though the times that I listened back then, were slim.                                                                 Still you kept at it, you lived by His Word,                                                                                     Spreading your sunshine in this mixed up lost world.

It has taken me years to see you were right,                                                                                          I finally understand how to walk in His Light.                                                                                You made a big difference in many lives, I can see,                                                                       And the ripple effect goes much further than me.

I am not fearful, sad or alone,                                                                                                                          I know where you are and you’re finally home.                                                                        Someday I will see you again in that place,                                                                                          Oh, to hold you again and  look at your face.

You were a Mother so devoted, so loving and true,                                                                             I vow to teach my children what I learned from you.                                                                                                                                 Tho the years you were with us were not nearly enough,                                                               God, in His wisdom He took you and times have been tough.

How the minutes ticked by and the years, they’ve just fled,                                                       But I’ll always remember the words that you said.

If you keep your eyes upon Jesus on the pathway of life,                                                                   In all of the jobs- being friend, mother, daughter and wife.                                                     You’ll never go wrong or sink over your head,                                                                                 And God surely will bless you as you follow Him instead.