Building Bonds of Value

Team Building

Team Building

People notice everything you say & do and that includes your team members. Each one can be inflenced by your commitment, your goals and plans, your ability to follow through, and your willingness to help her/him succeed. All these things create value. A leaders job is to remove doubt and add value…create enough value and team members will want to stay. Making team members feel valued and important is vital.

When you measure the sucess of your team building efforts, it is not how many members you have or even how much money you make…it is about how many people you empower, how many lives you help change and how many people learn to see their full potential. These are THE results that are most rewarding.

I love it when a stranger becomes a friend…and I see it happening over and over as I grow my team of unique and amazing individuals!

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Reference: “Build it Big” by Direct Selling Women’s Alliance, Dearborn Trade Publishing, page 113


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