Happy Father’s Day!

Here's to you Dad!

Here’s to you Dad!

I just wanted to stop for a moment and say thank you to Our Heavenly Father for Dads, to say thank you to my Dad and all The Dads out there who make a difference in our lives.

If you are a Dad, thank you.

Remember…You may not think so at times, but many little and not so little eyes are watching what you do, ears are listening to what you say, feet are following the paths you forge. You are our example…thank you.

If you are reading this and your Dad is no longer on earth, I am sorry. I can relate and I wish you peace. If your Dad is still here, I hope you enjoy him. I know sometimes things happen that make that impossible…if that is the case, I wish you peace also.

I grew up in a home where my Mom and Dad stayed together. He worked hard everyday to keep us fed. We did not have much growing up, but we did have enough to eat, a warm bed and a good home. I was the only girl and who I am today is a reflection of him…partly because he showed me I could be myself and that I have value. I should aim high and not settle. I grew up in a time where a Dad’s word was true and what he said mattered and I listened. I cared if I did something that upset him and it bothered me if I felt like I let him down. No matter what, though, he loved me always. He taught me to respect my Mother because he did. I learned to drive a car because he took the time to teach me. He taught me that the choices I make today will effect my tomorrow, so I better be careful what I do.

His smile was broad and his sense of humor right on que. I haven’t quite mastered his brand of humor. The one thing I did not learn from my Dad is faith in God…well not until after he was gone did I see it. I learned faith in God from my Mom…I always thought my Dad kind of let my Mom believe for both of them. It wasn’t until his last few weeks on earth, that I saw his faith come alive…I am joyful to say that I got to teach him something (or you might say I was reiterating what Mom used to tell him) …how to embrace faith and believe for himself…and I will see him again…love and miss you Dad. Check out more blog posts at http://www.myfatherswellness.com

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