Leading the Way



Being a leader is more than having the title. It is more about who you are…it is your inner being, the core of your self within that shines through in all you do and say. The character and values of a leader shows up in what she/he SAYS but brightest by what he/she DOES.

I am sure you have come across people in your life who tell you one thing and yet you find out they do another…People can say anything, but what they actually do is something different and probably more determines who they are.

“A great leader has integrity and is consistant in action and word, is honest, compassionate, trustworthy and authentic”. from “Build it Big”

What character traits do you most admire, do you think are noble and role model worthy? To be the leader others will follow and maybe hope to become, you MUST be the leader that YOU would follow.

So are you out in front leading the way with integrity, honesty and compassion? I hope you are!

Reference “Build it Big” Direct Selling Women’s Alliance by Dearborn Trade Publishing page 169

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