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A Squirrel Story

To set the stage…7:30 a.m. Starting today, I have the privilege of watching my grand babies, a 17 month old grandson and a 3 month old granddaughter…as our daughter-in-law Colleen went back to work.

It would be this morning, of all the days that have gone before…This morning that it happened. I was just 1 minute from my house. Two squirrels playing and chasing each other, as I was right there upon them…they run from the safety of side of the road to…directly in front of me. Oh course I hit my brakes, but not so much as to upset my precious cargo in the back seat of my car. There was not much else for me to do as they ran under my car.

One of them crossed to safety and I heard that sickening thud of something hitting under my car. I looked in my rear view mirror and sure enough, one was lying in the road. I didn’t know the extent of the damage, so I pulled into my driveway and turned around. Maybe he was okay and maybe he wasn’t still lying in the road. Maybe he got up and ran away, in the span of 2 minutes. My heart was beating so fast as tears streamed down my face, thinking what I had done.

Now if you know me, you know that I am the type of girl that catches hornets, bugs, and spiders that have gotten into houses (and even one time at church) and let’s them go to be free outside. I would never do any harm. Why did these silly squirrels have to run out in front of me?!

I came back upon the scene of the accident and there he (or she) was, lying in the road. I pulled over into a safe spot. Remember, I have my grand babies with me and their safety is my priority.

The least I could do for this squirrel was get him out of the road. You can imagine my surprise and joy when I could see he was moving. But he could still be minutes away from death if he was hurt badly.

By the Grace of God, there was no traffic, so I got out of my car, still standing on the side of the road.

I walked closer and he was moving!

Getting even closer, I look down and this little guy is looking up at me, trying to sit up, turning his head. He most likely bumped his head as he jumped under my car. I had to get him out of the way of more harm in the oncoming traffic.

I just happened to have a clean, heavy blanket on the front seat of my car. I scooped him up into the blanket and held him in my lap as I made the one minute drive back to my house.

He’s up & moving!

I knew I had a dog crate in my garage. I pulled up close to the garage, so I could keep and eye on my grand babies while I checked out the injuries on the squirrel.Now you may think I am crazy, but just ask my husband, Michael about my nature loving, creature saving, tender heart, and how I save everything! And many of you will understand. I was on my knees, praying and crying for God to save this beautiful creation.

I opened the wire cage and gently laid him on the floor of the crate. He was dazed and just looked at me. While he was quiet and recovering, I quickly & carefully checked his head, back and feet for signs of damage. He had some blood on one of his hind leg from a scrap, but otherwise looked okay. Could it be?!

I put a few sunflower seeds in the cage, closed the door and let him be. I brought my grandson & granddaughter in the house and got them settled. When they were napping, I would quickly sneak outside and see how Mr. Squirrel was doing.Around 11:15, while the little ones were napping. I cautiously looked in on my new friend. He was sitting up , peering at me and probably wondering what happened.

I pulled on the cage and he started jumping around. He seemed good to let go. I pulled the cage outside and he continued to jump around. I got him near the woods and opened the door. Out he bolted, ran across our lawn and into a grove of maple trees and headed toward his home.

What an experience! It could have ended in a very different way. I give praise to God that it had a happy ending. I know to some this was “just a squirrel”, but to me, he is a beautiful creation of God’s…if I had been the cause of his death, I would have been heart broken. I am thankful for all that God has created. Life is so precious and can be changed in an instant. Thanks be to God for saving him. I shall not forget this day.

His tail was a little scruffy but otherwise ready to be released!

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Stubborn Weeds

twisted vineIt was a beautiful mid spring day in New Hampshire, a totally different atmosphere from the snow of just a week ago. I was itching to get to my flower beds as it looked like weeds were taking over. I got my gloves and pruning shears and started to work
On my hands and knees, I began pulling up plants and grasses that I did not want in my garden. Some came out with very little effort, while others I struggled to remove.
vine 1

One vine in particular gave me a lot of grief. It seemed the more I pulled on it, the harder it held on and the root system went several inches under the soil and ran in more than one direction.

As I continued to pull, I noticed the vine had several off-shoots that I was eliminating as I pulled on this main root.
I’m not sure if the vine is bittersweet or Japanese hops, but I do know that it grows over everything, creating a barrier so sunlight cannot get through to the plants trying to grow in its’ shadow. It intertwines with other plants, climbing up their branches, and choking the life out of them.

After several hours, I had removed most of the plants I did not want to grow. I was amazed at how that one main vine looked like individual plants, but the root system underneath was actually attached to many plants growing on the surface.

Sin in our life is like that, a thought or group of thoughts within us that leads us to say or do things contrary to God and His Word. Groups of thoughts or behavior that stem from one main sin. They may look like it is only one “problem” area, but others are attached to it. We think they are helping us grow, but they are strangling us.

I think of how God must feel when He is pulling the roots out of the sins I am carrying, thoughts about myself & feelings that I don’t want to let go of. I am sometimes uncomfortable when God is pulling the weeds out of my heart. I think I need them, and “what harm can a little weed here or there do? ”

They are strangling the Kingdom fruit He wants to produce in and through my life and yours.

Some of the roots of continued sin in our lives can be very deep, similar to the vine I was describing.
Let’s look at pride as an example. The dictionary definition of pride is “a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.”
“The Bible defines pride as arrogance, haughtiness and conceit. Pride emphasizes self over others, and it rejects God’s greatness. It leads to destruction.

Proverbs 16:18 says, “Pride leads to destruction and arrogance to downfall.”

Pride is a big “weed” with deep roots that sprawl across our lives and grow other weeds on the surface. It is hard to uproot and does not like to be disturbed or pulled out. If we are to walk in the ways of Jesus, pride has to go and take along with it, the off -shoots that hide within its root system.roots

What other weeds grow along or stem from pride, you may ask? How about lack of empathy or indifference, wanting control or manipulating others, stubbornness (just like those weeds I was trying to pull out) and defiance, to name a few.
When God starts His “weeding” process, it can be quite painful. sometimes when He starts with one sin, He pulls out others that grow from it. But it is worth it, He is shaping us to be like Jesus, our perfect example.
When I was done with my weeding, my plants were standing tall, unencumbered, and free from the life-choking tentacles that were killing them. Just like you and I, as God continues to weed away our sin, we can be free to grow as He leads, and bear fruit.

Today is a Gift

Tami smiling (2)

Today. This 24 hour block of time, will not come again. Like sand through the hourglass, the clock is ticking. I have heard it said that today is a gift, that is why it is called the present. I agree, time is a precious commodity and we are each allotted by our Creator God, a certain amount of time on earth. So, it is a gift. No matter what is happening in our life. We can’t afford to let anything steal the joy out of today.

We need to live each day as if it were our last. It puts life in perspective and we can see more clearly where to focus our time and it teaches us to not sweat the small stuff. We are in this life together. How about if we find ways to encourage each other and in turn, it lifts us too. We need no special equipment to make someone’s day.

Smile. We can share a smile. It lifts your spirit, as well as those around you who receive that beautiful smile of yours! It makes a difference in our attitude and in turn, benefits our health. It is impossible to wear a smile and a frown at the same time. Try smiling right now, the action of smiling always makes me feel better.

Laugh. Learn to laugh with life. Laughing is good for you. Laughter triggers healthy physical and emotional changes in the body by releasing endorphins. It strengthens the immune system, and protects us from the damaging effects of stress. It seems to ease our cares and inspires hope. It can also help us release anger.

Study’s have shown that children laugh hundreds of times a day.  As adults, it is much less, as life gives us responsibilities and challenges. Find something funny and go ahead, let go a good, belly laugh! Laughter is contagious too and it is one thing that is catchy and we don’t need to be quarantined!

I am not trying to make light of your situation, I don’t know the trials you are facing, but I do know that troubles come to pass. Thank God they do not stay, which leads me to my next point. Pray to God and give Him praise.

Be thankful. Be thankful for today, for all you have right at this moment. To not want for more. To be satisfied.

Be joyful. Take joy in the everyday things…a sweet & sticky kiss, beautiful little toddler fingers covering you with chocolate hugs, reading a favorite book outside on a warm, sunny day, savoring a rainy day, curled up in a warm blanket watching the raindrops on the window pane…truly finding joy in each blessing that we have. Grabbing each moment and squeezing all the life and love out of it.

My final thought, don’t hold a grudge. Forgive, and that includes forgiving yourself. None of us are perfect. Let go of past pains and hurts. It frees you to enjoy today. We can’t control what other people do or say to us but we can control how we react.

I am reminded of the saying, “Let go and let God.” Give it over to Him. Tomorrow is not promised, so make the most of today. Tell your loved ones that you love them. Hold them close. Squeeze the most out of every minute!