My Story

My Amazing Husband, Michael and Me

Here’s part of my personal and ongoing success story:

I am happily married to a wonderful man named Michael.  He is the love of my life and my very best friend.  We have 2 grown sons, Ricky and Benjamin.  They are a blessing to us and we cherish the time we can spend with them.

Ricky & Benjamin

Ricky & Benjamin

My life is truly blessed and I look forward to each day with JOY as I see what wonderful things God has planned for me!  It wasn’t always this way, but I choose joy.  There are always going to be trials and heartaches, and I can choose to allow them to make me better or bitter…I choose to allow them to make me a better person.

Here is part of who I am…

my momMy Mom died of cancer when I was only 24 and I promised her that I would look after my Dad.

My Dad

I ended up moving right across the road from him, so I really could “keep an eye on him”.  My Dad was a stubborn Yankee, eating what he wanted, smoking and getting very little exercise in his later years.  His body was beginning to show signs of this abuse..  As he reached his late 60’s…his health continued to fail, as more symptoms of disease (s) set in.

He was at this point diagnosed with high blood pressure, extremely high cholesterol, diabetes, and clogged arteries.  I did not know at the time, that these all go hand in hand.  I wish I knew then, what I know now…Once a body system is compromised, and begins to fail, others will follow.  He had very good doctors, but the medication he was taking was adding more toxins to an already compromised immune system.  I will say that he quit smoking in 2001, after he had a mild heart attack.

My Dad

This brings me to April of 2007, at the age of 77 my Dad had a stroke. His life was touch and go for a bit and never the same from then on.  He went to rehab and recovered somewhat, but was not able to use his right leg.  He had to use a wheelchair to get around.  He moved in with me and my family as God had already had us renovate our downstairs, so it was move-in ready for him.

Life was difficult, but my Dad always wore a smile, no matter how much he was hurting, he never showed it. We were so blessed to have him.  I spent many hours talking about his life as a kid and in the service…things he never talked about before.

In May of 2008, my Dad again went into the hospital.  He had breathing problems and his lungs were failing. On June 6, my Dad passed on to Heaven.

That last year was a gift.  And for those of you who believe in Jesus and Heaven,  my Dad— who was so afraid of death and dying,  had a visit from Jesus, who comforted him.  He chose to believe in Jesus, AND his fear of death was completely GONE…so his final days were peaceful.

I felt like I had failed my Mom in my promise to always care for my Dad, as well as  failing my Dad because I couldn’t make him well.  Years of poor choices gave him the body he had to live in.

From April 2007 to March of 2009, I gained almost 40 pounds.  I tried not to show that I was stressed so I wouldn’t upset my Dad.  There was very little that I felt like I was in control of, so I turned to food.  I tried to give all my cares to God, but I know I was not fully allowing Him to help me.

My life went way out of control after my Dad died.  I was taking sleeping pills, an anti-depressant, migraine medication and was about to go on medication for high cholesterol.  My blood pressure was climbing and I had symptoms of acid reflux and sleep apnea.

I knew very little about nutrition, and I certainly didn’t know that what I ate, drank and used on my skin really mattered.   I DID know that I needed to be well to take care of my children and age gracefully with my husband.  I didn’t want to have my life shortened because I abused my body.  I prayed that God would help me find a way to gain control of my health and my life.  I did not want to be on medication, if I could find another way.

My search for answers, believe it or not…started where most of my answers come from…in the Bible.  I believe we are created and I wanted to know what God said about my body and how to take care of it.  It seemed so simple…could it be that easy?

I took an online course at The Biblical Health Institute with Jordan Rubin and it began to change my life.  I had always had issues with my digestion and infrequent eliminations…due partly to eating too much processed foods and not enough fresh fruits & vegetables.  So, to put it mildly, I had constipation issues.  Bloated belly, fatigue, tired, irritable and the list goes on.

Nothing helped (and believe me, I tried everything!)  until a friend gave me…yes, she gave me a bottle of AIM Herbal FiberBlend.  I didn’t think it would work, so I wasn’t going to buy it… Did I tell you, I am a skeptic when it comes to products that are “too good to be true”?  Or did you guess?  Well, eventually I tried it…it also started to change my life.  I now use it everyday and my ITT is 12 hours (contact me for more info on ITT).

I SO believe in the product(s) and The AIM Companies, I am now an independent distributor!

Also around the same time frame, another dear friend of mine introduced me to healthier eating.  I changed my eating habits.  I cut out all soda, most “white” products, most dairy, and reduced red meat.  I added more fresh fruits & vegetables ( as close to raw as I could) , lean chicken and fish, whole grains, seeds and nuts.  I wasn’t getting enough nutrients, so I then added  whole food supplementation in the AIM products…because it is so hard to eat enough veggies…And with the soil so depleted…it is almost impossible!

Through all of these interventions, instruction and helps along my journey, I believe it was God’s way of getting me back to living.  It is with God’s Grace and AIM products that I am where I am today.  My life HAS CHANGED.

I have been where you are…so sad I wasn’t even living, but existing.  So unable to function, I couldn’t take care of my family.  I didn’t want my sons to remember me as a quitter…not be able to get out of bed.  My life could have ended there…I AM SO GLAD IT DIDN’T!

I am now a certified Biblical Health Coach, a certified Health Specialist and a certified Nutritional Counseling.  My passion and purpose has ignited and my focus is on Health and Wellness for Body & Soul!

Oh, and one more thing…I struggled with a name for my business.  My Fathers Wellness came to me right away, but I didn’t use it.  I have another business name, called AIM For Balance, which is my weight loss and wellness program and HUGGZ by TLC, which are my therapeutic wraps.  I was torn in too many directions with too many business names and cards…a business identity crisis!

I did a lot of soul searching and found that I needed to go back to my roots…My Fathers Wellness.  Partly named for my earthly father, whom I adored, but couldn’t save and my (our) Heavenly Father, from where all blessings and wellness come .  I have had an overwhelming positive response to the business name.  I thought it might turn away business…BUT I have found that if I give honor to God, where it is due…He blesses me:)

I would love the opportunity to help you also.  Here are my statistics…

From March 2009 to June 2009 I have:

  • LOST 27 pounds!
  • LOST 14 inches!
  • LOWERED my cholesterol total from 284 to 205!
  • LOWERED my triglycerides from 173 to 56!
  • LOWERED my bad cholesterol (LDL) from 197 to 142!
  • KEPT my good cholesterol (HDL) at 52




I feel like me again…..  ONLY HEALTHIER!

Contact me today and I’ll tell you more success stories including my husband, my children, my family and friends….  the list goes on and on and continues to grow…..  I’d love to add your success story!


3 responses to “My Story


    Beautiful Tami, ❤

  2. It was nice meeting you Tami, although it was quick I appreciated learning about your business. I read your story and I see you are passionate about what you do. I am sure we will see each other at various events thru HBA.
    Have a great day and God Bless you.
    Sincerely, Joyce Young

  3. Ashley VanDriel

    Dear Tami, I love reading about your story. Your story is somewhat like my story. I and my husband lost both our parents to various diseases. Thanks to our heavenly Father for leading us to a better, healthier way of eating life style. We do so much appreciate all the effort that AIM puts into making their nutritional products. Sincerely, Ashley Van Driel

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