Who I am:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy name is Tami Cole.  I am a wife and mother of 2 sons.  I got into the natural health business because of health and weight issues for my Dad and myself.  My passion is to inform people of their choices and how their choices affect their health.  It takes years for disease set in, but when we neglect our body’s needs…disease WILL set in.  I enjoy teaching people good eating habits to last a lifetime, by encouraging practices for a balanced pH and disease free body well into a person’s 90’s.

I am a certified Biblical Health Coach, trained in whole food nutrition and a certified Health Specialist.  I am also an AIM Living Well Coach, educated in how AIM products work with our bodies to renew our health.  I have training in how nutrients work together,  how balance in all areas of the body is ideal and how poor nutrition can alter our physical and psychological l state.  Many diseases and illnesses can be traced to poor nutrition, lack of exercise and too much processed foods.

NEW CERTIFICATION!  I just recently became a Certified Nutritional Counselor through the Trinity School of  Natural Health.  It has taken me a year and a half to complete this very in-depth study on nutrition.  I learned much more about food and how each food/group is necessary to our health.  As a health coach, in my classes & workshops I stress to clients that it takes hard work, a healthy diet and exercise to maintain optimal health and a lean body.

NEW PRODUCT/SERVICE—HOWEVER… I recently came across a very unique product.  It is a botanically based body wrap.  It has the amazing ability to tighten, tone and firm areas of our body that we are not happy with.  This can happen in as little as 45 minutes.  It is NOT a magic bullet, but a jump start to a healthy lifestyle.  Sometimes when we see results quickly, it triggers a response in us to be better to our bodies, to eat better, to exercise, and to pay attention!

I have a passion for health and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others!  CHECK OUT MY CLASS SCHEDULE…I hope I can help you on your journey to HEALTH!

I have been teaching classes for 5 years.  I will be adding new workshops often, as I earn certification in new areas.

How a workshop is offered:

I offer to come to your home or business for a fee and present a topic.  I work with families, individual and businesses to inform and encourage healthy eating habits for a lifetime.  I am available daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.   Call me at (603) 670-5838 or email me at  to set up a workshop, class or consultation.  Fees vary however, as of April 2012 …they are generally $50.00 for a 30 to 45 minute business workshop, with up to 12 employees.  Home and other consultations/classes are $50.00 for an hour or $30.00 for a half hour.   See list of topics below.  All of the workshops can be tweaked to best benefit a business, family or individual.  I also do some volunteer workshops for schools & churches.

How can this benefit you?

Many health insurance plans cover these workshops/classes as part of the wellness  plan.  You would have to check with you HR person or benefits coordinator to be sure.

Employers:  may be reimbursed or receive a reduction in premiums when you participate.  As employers, you know the healthier an employee is,  the more productivity increases,  sick time is reduced and an overall feeling of wellness is achieved.  You would have to check with you HR person or benefits coordinator to be sure.

Employees:  may be reimbursed or receive a reduction in premiums when you participate.  Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and other Health Savings Accounts (HSA) may also be used to cover cost, much like a gym membership or Weight Watchers.  You would have to check with you HR person or benefits coordinator to be sure.

The following workshops are available now.

pH, Acid/Alkaline & Your Health:  Cancer lives in an acidic environment.  Find out ways to prevent cell mutation and damage and maintain a balanced pH to ensure optimal health.  You will find out what pH means, what causes our bodies to be acidic and how to balance your pH for optimal health. There will be an opportunity to have a base-line saliva pH test done. This is a Power Point Presentation and runs one hour.

Ways to Relieve Stress:  What is stress doing to your body. Can it have an affect on the body’s pH?   We will explore some ways to reduce stress…includes breathing exercises and for home groups…a relaxing facial mask and foot soak.

Dangers of Energy Drinks:  A Power Point presentation on what exactly is in energy drinks and how it effects our body. plus ways to naturally have energy.

How to Read Food Labels:  We will take a detailed look at food nutrition labels and distinguish good and bad ingredients, fiber content, net carbs, etc.  I have an assortment of products that will provide you with a hands-on look at labels.

For Families:  I can come into your home and go through your cupboards with you and help you find healthier alternatives to what you may be eating.  I do not throw anything away…that is up to you.  I do not like to be wasteful, so I encourage clients to use up what they have and buy healthier versions next time.

ADD/ADHD & Nutrition:  Research is showing a real connection with processed foods, additives & dyes and attention disorders and mood changes.  This workshops explores some nutrition helps to keep your child focused.  Includes a list of 12 food ingredients to avoid.

Food & Your Mood:  We will briefly discuss reasons why we turn to food for the wrong reasons, (comfort, stress relief, etc) and ways to implement change.

Cancer Prevention:  Cancer lives in an acidic environment.  Find out ways to prevent cell mutation and  damage and maintain a balanced pH to ensure optimal health.  Saliva pH tested.  Some discussion on the immune system, anti-oxidants & free radicals.

Diabetes, Sugars  & Processed Foods:  What are some of the different disguises of sugar, including an in-depth look at high fructose corn syrup.  What is insulin resistance and how does diabetes start?  We will take a look at a typical day and the amount of sugar consumed.

High Cholesterol & Fiber:  Increasing your fiber intake can decrease your cholesterol.  There is a way to increase fiber without constipation.  I will share my personal struggles and triumphs with high cholesterol.  Includes diet tips and a fiber supplement sample.

Exercise, The Best Fit for You:  How to start a simple exercise plan to fit your needs and lifestyle.  Find out the difference between fat burning exercise and aerobic exercise.

Heart Health:  Are you taking care of yours?  Your heart works hard every day, learn ways to relieve the stress that is put on it by acid pH,  poor food choices and how our genetics affects us.  Find out about ways to prevent heart disease.


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