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Developing a Friendship with GOD

WE have the FREEDOM to fly safely to & from the PALM of HIS HAND

WE have the FREEDOM to fly safely to & from the PALM of HIS HAND

Welcome to this glorious day!  It is a beautiful Spring day in New England…a little overcast but I will take it.

Today’s topic continues on our friendship with GOD.  The main point to think about is that we are as close to GOD as we choose to be.  I never really gave that much thought until now, yet it makes perfect sense.  

We must work at developing friendships and any relationship that thrives needs:

  • DESIRE…a yearning to get to know that person, to nourish and enable the relationship to grow.  We MUST desire friendship with GOD above all else. We MUST intentionally seek it.
  • TIME…by spending time together.  We MUST establish habits & skills to make the most of our time with GOD, however…it MUST be out of LOVE ad NOT DUTY.
  • ENERGY…having a proactive status in the relationship, moving forward to reach out and communicate with that person OFTEN, using energy to spend with that person, having one on one time as well as thinking about them throughout the day.

God wants us to TELL everything to HIM, to be HONEST with HIM. HE KNOWS what we are thinking and what we have done…many times by saying what we are feeling helps us heal & grow.  Jesus is the “friend of sinners”  He chose us long before we chose Him.

God wants us to TRUST everything to HIM.  There are sad and bad times in life and I agree that it really stinks!  Rick Warren says that “Bitterness is the greatest barrier to friendship with GOD.”  When things don’t turn out the way WE planned, we have a pity party. Sometimes people stay in the pity party for a lifetime…missing out on all GOD has for them.  Instead of allowing the trials to shape them into what GOD has uniquely PLANNED for them …they become BITTER.

GOD wants us to CHOOSE to obey HIM in FAITH.  JESUS says in John 15:14, “You are my friends if you do what I command you,”  We obey because we love HIM and know HE has our best interest at heart. When we obey, the Bible  says, “YES, Your JOY will overflow!” John 15:11

GOD wants us to value what HE values…like with any relationship.  It is important to care about what is important to our friends.

And I think HE wants us to have FUN with HIM!  Like the times with my earthly Dad…we would just spend time together and laugh.

I can remember when I first met my husband, Michael…we would spend hours together just talking and laughing.  I do admit it was easier in the beginning when everything was new, however the relationship still has magic BECAUSE we DESIRE to spend TIME and ENERGY in keeping it a PRIORITY!

That is all GOD wants.  He wants us to want HIM.  To DESIRE to spend TIME and ENERGY on HIM! We are as close to HIM as we choose to be.  We don’t need to be perfect.  All it takes is desire, time and energy.

DAY TWELVE: THINKING ABOUT MY PURPOSE  (Taken directly from the “The Purpose Driven Life” by Pastor Rick Warren, page 99)

“TODAY’S FOCUS:  Developing Your Friendship with GOD

POINT TO PONDER:  I’m as close to GOD as I choose to be.

BIBLE VERSE:  ”Draw close to GOD and HE will draw close to you.”  James 4:8a (NLT)

QUESTION TO PONDER:  What practical choices WILL I MAKE TODAY in order to grow closer to GOD?”

LORD, I pray for a desire to want to know you more—more intimately, more passionately, to be more joyfully seeking YOU.  To be FULLY ENGAGED in YOU,  I CHOOSE to be closer to You.  Teach me YOUR WAYS.  Amen

Reference: ”The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren, 2002 Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, pages 92-99

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