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The Responsibilities of a Leader

Lead, Empower, Impact

Lead, Empower, Impact

Now, I am not a great leader by any stretch of the imagination, but I think a great leader takes their responsibilities seriously. Now that doesn’t mean it has to be filled with rules, is stuffy or has to have “inside the box only” thinking. Having fun along the way makes the journey so much more enjoyable, at least that is what I believe… for me and those I am surrounded by. As a coach, I know my clients count on me for coaching (of course), but also for words of wisdom, encouragement, support, and sometimes motivation and direction. Coaching is a form of leadership, where others are counting on me and perhaps following me. I am sure you will agree that we must therefore, lead by example.
According to the book, Build it Big, by Direct Selling Women’s Alliance…These are some of the responsibilities of a leader (I added #8):

1. Maintain a positive attitude
2. Demonstrate a good work ethic
3. Train your team on success principles and skills to develop their own business & personal life
4. Support your team through Principle-Centered Coaching
5. Stay informed and trained-offer trainings for your team
6. Maintain balance in your life so that you can be a positive example
7. Empower your team, rather than creating dependency
8. Have fun and enjoy the journey

True leaders can help develop strong, successful individuals and teams…as well as an atmosphere that reflects integrity, character, quality, and excellence-one that is God-directed and a blessing to our families, communities, and each other.

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Reference Build it Big, by Direct Selling Women’s Alliance, Dearborn Trade Publishing page 170/171