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Foods with Neutralizing Ash but Acidifying Effect

Neutralizing Ash with Acidifying Effect

  • Refined Sugar   Olive Oil   Corn Syrup   Corn Syrup

White sugar, fats, oils, syrups, as well as some other processed and synthetic foods, leave no ash after being metabolized.  However, the body does have to work and fast to metabolize them, producing a surge of energy after eating them.  With this energy also comes a lot of acid.  Therefore these foods, while leaving no ash have an acidifying effect.

The body must neutralize the acids from acid foods.  If not enough alkaline ash foods are eaten to do this, the body will draw on its alkaline reserve.  This alkaline reserve is made up of the minerals sodium, potassium and calcium primarily, with iron and magnesium as secondary sources.  These reserves are stored in the liver, muscle and bone and are called upon when required to release their stores.  Over time these reserves can become severely depleted causing liver problems, gallstones, flabby muscles and osteoporosis.

Unfortunately, very few people eat the kind of diet that would maintain the alkaline reserve.  A diet consisting of about 75% fruits and vegetables would be ideal to neutralize the remaining 25% of the diet containing acid ash foods.  In reality surveys show that on any day 40% of the population eat no fruits and 20% eat no vegetables at all.

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