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Tomato Soup, Creamy & Paleo

It is a cold & snowy New England day and this is the perfect soup!  It really hit the spot after hours of shoveling & snow blowing.  This is so fast & easy to make!

Creamy & Delicious!

Creamy & Delicious!


  • 2 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 large sweet onion, peeled and diced
  • 4 cloves garlic, peeled and coarsely diced
  • One 28-ounce can crushed or diced  tomatoes (Try to find ones that have NO added sugar or other ingredients)
  • 1 & 1/⁄2 cups chicken stock (Find one with no MSG)
  • 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons minced fresh basil or ( 1 TBSP Dried)
  • 2 tablespoon tomato paste
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar


  1. In a large Dutch oven or soup pot, heat the oil over medium heat. Add the onions, and sauté until just about translucent, about 4 minutes. Stir in the garlic and sauté for 1 minute more.
  2. Mix in the remaining ingredients, and simmer for 10 minutes to allow the flavors to meld.
  3. Carefully pour a cup or two of the soup mixture into a blender (JUST halfway full) and puree until smooth. Transfer to a separate container, and repeat with the remaining soup mixture, working in small batches.
  4. Serve hot

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Becoming Best Friends with GOD

My Husband Michael is my Earthly Best Friend

My Husband Michael is my Earthly Best Friend

WELCOME to DAY ELEVEN!  This has been a slower journey for me than I thought.  I keep getting distracted by life.  I SO want to be closer to GOD, but things are getting in my way…not bad things, just little distractions that eat up my time.  Does that ever happen to you??

Today I am learning about friendship.  Friendship with Our Creator.  GOD HIMSELF wants to be my BEST FRIEND.  Do you have a best friend?  Someone who knows all about you, sees you on your “not so good” days and LOVES YOU ANYWAY!  That is how GOD is.  He created each of us.  He alone knows our struggles, heartaches, triumphs, fears…He looks deep within our hearts…He knows it ALL.  Good and bad, yet LOVES US ANYWAY!

It is difficult to imagine how we (as a finite, sinful human) can have a best friendship with an ever-present, Holy, Perfect, All-Powerful, Majestic GOD that we cannot see or touch.

How can we achieve this? ?  Rick Warren tells us 2 ways.

THROUGH CONSTANT CONVERSATION:  God wants to be included in EVERY PART of our lives.  EVERY activity, EVERY conversation, EVERY problem and EVERY thought.  Pray without ceasing means to be continuously conversing with GOD.  All throughout the day, be reminded that HE IS THERE, LISTENING, WAITING TO BE INCLUDED.

I always thought I had to stop everything and spend alone time with GOD.  When I failed (which is often) I would be disappointed in myself and then not try again for a while.  The great news is that we can speak to GOD every day at every moment.  Not just tossing up a “Dear God, help me with the mess I made of my life” but telling HIM about what is going on throughout the day.

THROUGH CONTINUAL MEDITATION: To think about HIS WORD throughout the day.  Place Bible verses around your home, office, car, etc.  It doesn’t have to be long, drawn out times of memorizing.  Read a Bible verse and think on it throughout the day.  GOD will reveal HIS PLAN for our lives if we FOCUS ON HIM.

DAY ELEVEN: THINKING ABOUT MY PURPOSE  (Taken directly from the “The Purpose Driven Life” by Pastor Rick Warren, page 91)

“TODAY’S FOCUS:  Becoming Best Friends with GOD

POINT TO PONDER:  GOD Wants to be My Best Friend

BIBLE VERSE:  ”Friendship with GOD is reserved for those who reverence HIM” Psalm 25:14a (LB)

QUESTION TO PONDER:  What can I do to remind myself to think about GOD and talk to HIM more often throughout the day?

Here are the treasures I found from DAY ELEVEN:

Every  relationship that we want to grow needs nurturing, like in my marriage, my husband is my best friend…but we got to this place because of  TIME INVESTED.  I need to look at my relationship with GOD as TOP PRIORITY.

Everything we do can be spending time with Our Lord…we just need to invite HIM.  Be aware of HIM

These are a few index cards I have made to place in different areas to help remind me to think about HIM often throughout my day.

You LOVE me!

I receive your Grace.

I’m depending on You.

I can do all things with Your help.

I fear not, for You are with me.

Reference: ”The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren, 2002 Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, pages 85-91
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The Heart of Worship

God, Your Majesty is Breath-taking!

God, Your Majesty is Breath-taking!

Welcome to Day Ten!  At this stage in our journey, we are 1/4 of the way there!  Today is a touchy subject…one that in society’s thinking would say is unpopular and crazy.

We live in a day and age that says things like,

” You can do it, don’t give up”  ” Fight til the end and never surrender”  “You’re a loser, if you give in”  “Don’t let them take you alive”

In this highly competitive world…Many think that surrender is bad…much like submission…seems like an unnatural thing to do, given the human spirit. Yielding to a stronger, more forceful person is what comes to my mind.  Maybe even thoughts of being a loser…defeated?  I am very independent and reading in Romans about surrender being the heart of worship…unsettled me…UNTIL I understood WHAT GOD means by surrender.

Do you dare to journey with me further?  Awesome!  Let’s continue.

When I think of surrender & trust I think of my Earthly Dad.  There were times that he told me to do things that I did not always want to do… things I needed to do…chores, homework, learning to drive, going to bed on time, getting a job…things that would help me through life.  I had to surrender my will to his, so that I could learn and have a better life.

It did not break my will.  Because my father loved me and I loved and trusted him, I surrendered knowing he was only looking out for me.  Could our Heavenly Father have the same purpose on a grander scale??

Let’s dig deeper…Most of us (myself included) don’t realize how much God loves us, we want to control our own lives and we misunderstand the meaning of surrender (I know I did)

Rick Warren says on page 78 of The Purpose Driven Life that there are 3 barriers that block our total surrender to God:

Fear: Can I Trust God? God will NOT force us to love Him…He does NOT break our will.  He LONGS for us to TRUST HIM WILLINGLY

Pride: We must learn to admit our limitations.  We aren’t God and NEVER will be. We are human.  According to A. W. Tozer, “The reason why many are still troubled, still seeking, still making little forward progress is because they haven’t yet come to the end of themselves.  We’re still trying to give orders, and interfering with God’s work within us”.

Confusion:  We misunderstand what it means to surrender.  We must rely on God to work things out instead of trying to manipulate others, force our own agenda, or control the situation.  Easier said than done, I know…

Surrender is BEST demonstrated in obedience & trust.

DAY TEN: THINKING ABOUT MY PURPOSE  (Taken directly from the “The Purpose Driven Life” by Pastor Rick Warren, page 84)

“TODAY’S FOCUS:  The Heart of Worship

POINT TO PONDER:  The Heart of Worship is Surrender

BIBLE VERSE:  ”Surrender your whole being to be used for righteous purposes.” Romans 6:13b (TEV)

QUESTION TO PONDER:  What area of my life am I holding back from God?

Here are the treasures I found from DAY TEN:

God looks at the attitude of my heart.  He asks me, “Is pleasing Me your deepest desire?” If my answer is truly Yes, then I will desire to follow Him and His ways.  To know that He wants what is BEST for me…to surrender because I LOVE & TRUST Him.  The funny thing is that when I feel that way about God and give Him His place as CENTER in my life…it does NOT feel like surrender, it feels like…PEACE.


Blood Sugar Webinar

Blood Sugar Webinar

Join me for a one hour webinar on blood sugar.   Find out what is going on within the body in this silent disease (Very often undiagnosed) called hyperglycemia.  Also known as Diabetes or high blood sugar.  Some information on leptin, leptin resistace, insulin and insuin resistance also discussed. This is a a Power Point format with narration.

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What Makes God Smile?

Traveling Together,   sometimes along a winter road...

Traveling Together, sometimes along a winter road…

Welcome! As I sit here typing, I am basked in sunlight. It feels so warm against my back. We have just endured another New England winter storm with about 6 inches of new snow. I watch the birds in the feeder and it makes me smile.

Remember what is it like to make someone smile? A parent, spouse, child, friend or even a stranger…it is so satisfying to make someone smile. Most times it doesn’t take much..just a desire to please another above all else.

Have you ever wondered what makes God smile? AND would you believe it is YOU who makes Him smile?! I know, it sounds crazy that the Creator of the Universe would take the time to focus on you & I and that we can make Him smile. So what does it take??

Let’s find out as we continue to journey together to find our purpose in life according to what our Creator says.

Here is Day NINE of “The Purpose Driven Life” by Pastor Rick Warren

DAY NINE: THINKING ABOUT MY PURPOSE  (Taken directly from the book, page 76)

“TODAY’S FOCUS:  What Makes God Smile?

POINT TO PONDER:  God Smiles when I Trust Him.

BIBLE VERSE:  ”The Lord is pleased with those who worship Him and trust His love” Psalm 147:11 (CEV)

QUESTION TO PONDER:  Since God knows what is best, in what areas of my life do I need to trust Him most?” I need to Trust God with the direction of my life, to go where He sends me…knowing He has equipped me abundantly to do His Will.

Here are the treasures I found from DAY NINE:

God smiles when we LOVE Him supremely.
God made me so He could love me…He wants me to love Him back.
God smiles when we TRUST Him completely.
Trust Him knowing He knows what is best for my life.
God smiles when we OBEY Him wholeheartedly.
Do whatever He asks without questions, objections or reservations. What God looks at is the attitude of my heart. Do I want to please Him most of all?
God smiles when we PRAISE & THANK Him continually.
Thank Him with heartfelt praise & appreciation for Who He Is.
God smiles when we USE our ABILITIES.
He wants me to use my abilities & talents.

“There are NO unspiritual abilities, just misused ones” Rick Warren page 75

“I have no right to argue with my Creator. I am merely a clay pot (and a cracked one, at that!)shaped by my Potter. The clay pot doesn’t ask, “Why did you make me like this?” Isaiah 45:9 (personalized by me) Yet, I ask and I sometimes compare my gifts to those of others. It makes My father sad to think I am unhappy with what He gave me. Anytime I reject a part of myself or long to be something else, I am rejecting God’s Wisdom & Sovereignty in creating me…

Every human activity, EXCEPT SIN, can be done to make God smile, if it is done with an attitude of praise.

Using MY gifts & abilities with a happy heart makes my Daddy smile 🙂 You CAN make Him smile too…

Reference: ”The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren, 2002 Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, pages 69-76
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Planned for God’s Pleasure

aruba sunset 3Welcome to DAY EIGHT!

This journey is about finding our purpose in life according to what God says.

Here is Day EIGHT of “The Purpose Driven Life” by Pastor Rick Warren

DAY EIGHT: THINKING ABOUT MY PURPOSE  (Taken directly from the book, page 68)

“TODAY’S FOCUS:  Planned for God’s Pleasure

POINT TO PONDER:  I was planned for God’s Pleasure

BIBLE VERSE:  ”The Lord takes pleasure in His people” Psalm 149:4a (TEV)

QUESTION TO PONDER:  What common task could I start doing as if I were doing it for Jesus?”

Here are the treasures I found from DAY EIGHT:

I was planned by God! He intentionally made me! He was happy the day I was born! He didn’t have to create me, but He chose to…with all my quirks,flaws and mistakes. No matter what I do, I am loved and wanted. However, I was not made to do anything I wanted to please only myself, I was made to bring pleasure to my Creator…to worship Him.

What is worship? So many people—so many different definitions of worship…music, Bible reading, sermon, a type of song, part of a church service, a ritual, and the list goes on.

Worship is far more than music. Worship is every part of the church service. If it is offered to God in spirit and truth, it is an act of worship.

Worship is not for your benefit. Our motive is to bring Glory to God. God is more concerned about the state of out heart. We should
offer sincere praise and heartfelt prayers.

Worship is not a part of your life, it IS your life. In 1 Corinthians 10:31 (NIV) it says, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it ALL for the Glory of God.”

Everything can become worship when we dedicate it to God and preform it with an awareness of His Presence.

Ordinary become extraordinary with Jesus

Ordinary become extraordinary with Jesus

Back in Bible times, I don’t think there was anything much more ordinary than fishing, but fishing for Jesus…now that is exciting!

Cleaning the toilet will take on new meaning to me…What ordinary/mundane task will take on a new meaning to you?

Reference: ”The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren, 2002 Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, pages 63-68
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The Reason for Everything

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWelcome..we made it to Day SEVEN my friend! I hope you are enjoying this journey together.  This is a picture off my front porch after a recent storm…so beautiful…the glistening snow…a hushed creation all around me.

This journey is about finding our purpose in life according to what God says. Day SIX really struck me. I have to sadly admit that I have betrayed my King and my homeland many times as I try to fit in with worldly ways and forget that I am just a visitor on Earth. I sometimes get way too comfortable here.

Here is Day SEVEN of “The Purpose Driven Life” by Pastor Rick Warren

DAY SEVEN: THINKING ABOUT MY PURPOSE  (Taken directly from the book, page 59)

“TODAY’S FOCUS:  The Reason for Everything

POINT TO PONDER:  It’s all for Him

BIBLE VERSE:  ”For everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by His power, and everything is for His Glory.” Romans 11:36 (LB)

QUESTION TO PONDER:  Where in my daily routine can I become more aware of God’s Glory?”

Here are the treasures I found from DAY SEVEN:

What is God’s Glory? I often wondered that. It is the essence of His nature, the weight of His importance, the expression of His goodness.

God is powerful, is very organized, is creative and has an amazing imagination…just look at the variety and colors and scents and beauty He uses! I am in Awe of His Majesty!
We see evidence of God all around us…if we take a moment and look.

I Saw God Today By George Strait –
“I’ve been to church
I’ve read the book
I know he’s here
But I don’t look
Near as often as I should
Yeah, I know I should
His fingerprints are everywhere
I just slowed down to stop and stare
Opened my eyes and man I swear
I saw God today”

God’s Glory is best seen in Jesus. He is the Light of the World and He illuminates God’s nature. Jesus accomplished the task He was given on Earth. He fulfilled His purpose and glorified God.
When anything in creation fulfills it’s purpose, it brings glory to God. Mankind has a unique opportunity to Glorify our Creator.
God created us each differently. We all have different talents, personalities, etc. and a different purpose. We were created to bring Glory to God. Fulfilling that is the greatest accomplishment we can do wih our lives.

How can you and I bring glory to God?
1. By worshipping Him
2. By loving other believers
3. By becoming like Christ
4. By serving others with our gifts
5. By telling others about Him

Living my life for the Glory of God will require a change in my priorities, and other areas of my life. It will not always be easy. Because I have free will, I can choose the road of complacency and comfort…living to fulfill my own wanton ways or I can choose to give God His due…and know that I will have my promised eternal reward.
I need to look beyond the pleasures of today to see a tomorrow that I can barely imagine! Can I do it?? Not always, but I strive for the prize…God will give us all we need to live our lives for His Glory.

He loves you & me, He created you & me for a purpose, you & I are NOT here by accident, A HEFTY RANSOME was PAID IN FULL by JESUS CHRIST on a cross for us, If you & I believe those things…WE ARE EQUIPPED TO SERVE OUR PURPOSE.

God’s Word says, “Whoever accepts and trusts the Son gets in on EVERTHING, life complete and FOREVER!” John 3:36a (Msg)

Reference: ”The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren, 2002 Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, pages 53-59
Lyrics by George Strait – I Saw God Today
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Life is a Temporary Assignment

Aruba is a great place to visit, but it is not my home.

Aruba is a great place to visit, but it is not my home.

Welcome to DAY SIX fellow traveler!  

This journey is about finding our purpose in life according to what God says. DAY FIVE I was reminded that life is a test. If I transform my mind by focusing on God, and NOT transforming to this world…I will be ready for each test and see if they align with God’s will.

Here is Day SIX of “The Purpose Driven Life” by Pastor Rick Warren

DAY SIX: THINKING ABOUT MY PURPOSE  (Taken directly from the book, page 52)

“TODAY’S FOCUS:  Life is a Temporary Assigment

POINT TO PONDER:  This World is NOT my Home

BIBLE VERSE:  ”So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” (NIV)

QUESTION TO PONDER:  How should the fact that life on Earth is just a temporary assignment change the way I am living right now ”

Here are the treasures I found from  DAY SIX:

I shouldn’t get too attached to Earth. I won’t be here long. I am just passing through. I am not supposed to be comfortable here. I am an Ambassador for Christ. If I am too comfortable here, my loyalty to Heaven will change. I would betray my home and my King. Oh how many times have I betrayed my King and my Homeland?!

How many times have I broken His heart? I can tell you…ALOT! Take my latest vacation for example. I had lots of time to ponder Day SIX. I just came back from 8 glorious days in the beautiful island of Aruba. It is so sunny and balmy and I think a bit like Heaven …

Very easy to become comfortable there. With maid service, free and half price exotic drinks, gambling just outside my door…so many worldly temptations. I must say I did sample a fufu drink here and there and I took a chance on some slot machines…I could easily become “of the world”, but I should not.

It is very easy here to forget that life is not about indulging my every earthly pleasure. The Bible clearly says, “The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can’t see will last forever.” 2 Corinthians 4:18b (Msg)

As I was enjoying the 80+ degree weather and not missing the below freezing temperatures in NH…I felt a bit like I was betraying my homeland. However, I must remember I am native to NH not Aruba. Just like Aruba…Earth is not my home, it is a great place to visit, but it is temporary…I am Heaven Bound.

I know God planned it that we will never be fulfilled on Earth. It brings to mind these lyrics
There’s a God-shaped hole in all of us
And the restless soul is searching
There’s a God-shaped hole in all of us
And it’s a void only he can fill

Taken from the song, “God-Shaped Hole” as written by Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, Wayne Kirkpatrick Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

Eternal values, not temporal values, should become deciding factors for my decisions. I should want to make choices that effect God’s Kingdom…not Earthly life. AND NOT so I can get what I want in this life.

Following God does NOT always mean I will get my way, it doesn’t guarantee success in a career or even a ministry. I just need to be faithful and God will do the rest.

I don’t want to be like the Israelites…becoming so complacent on Earth that I lose my focus on the REAL Promised Land…HEAVEN!

How about you, my traveling buddy…are the choices you make today going to effect Eternity or just Earthlife?

Reference: ”The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren, 2002 Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, pages 47-52

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You are NOT an accident

I started a journey to find my purpose in life according to what God says.  I spent two days pondering day one as I let the message seep in.  This journey may take me more than the 40 days outlined in the book, “The Purpose Driven Life” by Pastor Rick Warren, but that is okay.  I will take my time and enjoy the journey.

Here is Day Two of “The Purpose Driven Life” by Pastor Rick Warren

DAY TWO: THINKING ABOUT MY PURPOSE  (Taken directly from the book, page 26)

TODAY’S FOCUS:  ”You are not an accident”

POINT TO PONDER:  I am NOT an accident

BIBLE VERSE:  ”I am your Creator. You were in my care even before you were born” Isaiah 44:2 (CEV)

QUESTION TO PONDER:  Knowing that God uniquely created me, what areas of my personality, background and physical appearance am I struggling to accept?”

Here are the treasures I found from  DAY TWO:

I find it SO amazing…That God made me, so HE COULD LOVE me! How cool is that!

I struggle with my view of my body…as I get older it is harder and harder to stay in shape.  I can’t stop the aging process (WISH I could!), but I can make healthier choices and stay active.  I have to know that God loves me…NO MATTER the number on the scale.

“The only accurate way to understand ourselves is by what God is and what He does for us.”  Romans 12:3

Long before I was conceived by my parents, I was conceived in the mind of God.  God chose my parents specifically for the DNA to make me.  God WANTED to make me exactly the way I am…just like He WANTED to MAKE YOU!

No matter what has happened in our past or who has rejected us or said we have no value…they are WRONG!  We MATTER to GOD.  We are NOT here by chance in some random act of the universe.  We were carefully chosen to have the hair color (tho I enhance mine from a bottle…lol), characteristics and personality traits that we have.  Even who our parents would be, the era we would be on earth and where we would live were chosen ahead of time.  All of this done by a LOVING CREATOR!

This is part of a poem by Russell Kelfer that Rick Warren refers to on page 25.

“You look like you look for a reason.                                                                                             Our God made no mistake.                                                                                                               He knit you together within the womb,                                                                          You’re just what He wanted to make.”

We are equipped with all we need to do our specific job on earth…what my job here is…I do not know…YET.  I will continue my journey in the hopes of finding out.

Reference:  “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren, 2002  Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, pages 22-26

Poem by

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Enthusiasm Draws a Crowd



Have you ever noticed how some people can really draw a crowd? It is usually because they are enthusiastic about life and that passion overflows into whatever they are doing. People enjoy and flock to enthusiastic people. This passion influences every aspect of their life. Real enthusiasm is hard to miss and cannot be faked. It permeates the very being and cannot be restrained. Over time, this type of personality can greatly influence others and can make and keep that person more successful in business than others.

I think that being an enthusiastic leader can help keep my team members motivated and can help fuel their passion. I am hoping that by sharing my passion for life and truly caring about each person…that I can draw a crowd.

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