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Show Me Your Way

I feel like I waste much of my time & many of my days.  Not on purpose.  I find myself only thinking of myself and not thinking of how God chooses to use me on this day.  I Just kinda go along on auto pilot, facing my day by throwing up a quick prayer now and then.  Can you relate?

What if I daily stopped to ask God to show me His way for each day?  He does promise to guide me continually.

If I spend time in His Word.  Reading it for myself, seeking earnestly what He says.  Digging in deep I have heard seasoned Bible readers say!

But of course, I want it easy.  Kind of like:

wanting my body to be skinnier, toner…without going to the gym…can’t I send someone else or send my body out to be fixed like I send my car to the body shop and it comes back all sleek & pretty…without doing any of the work?!

NOPE!  It doesn’t work that way…bummer…

Letting someone else always tell us what God is saying about our life  is sometimes like that.  We look to others to decipher what God is saying.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe we need to listen to Preacher’s, Pastor’s, Christian friends, music & books, etc. God speaks to us in MANY WAYS

However, God’s Word should be a daily place for us to go…to hear what He has for us first hand.  We can never have the relationship God wants with us if we don’t do the digging ourselves.


The Bible is full of accounts of God using ordinary people, speaking to them clearly and He is THE SAME TODAY, TOMORROW and FOREVER.  We do not have to make it complicated.  God speaks to us simply, if we pray and read His Word for us and trust.

SO…It’s not really a bummer after all…It is hearing with our own ears, seeing with our own eyes all He has planned for us, HIS WAY…

DIG DEEP, It IS more work, but SO worth it!

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Spending Time with God

Spending time alone with You, God is essential to my well being.

I need that time to shift my focus from myself to You, Lord. So many times I am consumed by my own agenda…

I don’t have to make it such a big plan about meeting with You that it overwhelms me and I don’t set apart some time. It needs to be THE desire of my heart…it is not an option but a necessity.

I wish to talk to You about what is happening in my life and ask for Your guidance & direction…as a daughter would go to her Dad for guidance.

Why does it seem so hard to do…when it really should not be? I know it takes commitment and practice…however the benefits are astounding! Every step I take toward You, You take many toward me.

You help me make choices & correct my errors in ways that I could only dream of. My pile of mess becomes a beautiful master piece with your input.

Commit & Practice…a little bit each day. I can do it!

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