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Building Bonds of Value

Team Building

Team Building

People notice everything you say & do and that includes your team members. Each one can be inflenced by your commitment, your goals and plans, your ability to follow through, and your willingness to help her/him succeed. All these things create value. A leaders job is to remove doubt and add value…create enough value and team members will want to stay. Making team members feel valued and important is vital.

When you measure the sucess of your team building efforts, it is not how many members you have or even how much money you make…it is about how many people you empower, how many lives you help change and how many people learn to see their full potential. These are THE results that are most rewarding.

I love it when a stranger becomes a friend…and I see it happening over and over as I grow my team of unique and amazing individuals!

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Reference: “Build it Big” by Direct Selling Women’s Alliance, Dearborn Trade Publishing, page 113


Getting back into your business

Give your dream wings
and let it fly!

After you have discovered your “Why” Decide why success matters to you.

When you want something badly enough, you will find a way to get it. You probably have a good idea what to do to restart your business and regain your passion. But is your “Why” strong enough? No matter why you are in business, a clear sense of purpose is essential.

From Build It Big by Direct Selling Women’s Alliance


12 Tips to help grow your business

  1. Find the beauty around you

     Have passion –Certainly for you business, but also for life.  Your passion will help you overcome difficult moments and persuade people to work for you and want to do business with you.  I notice that people always flock to a person with passion.When it diminishes, take some quiet time to reflect on why you started the business and why you like being your own boss.  Find your “why”…your compelling vision that drives your success, a central, significant reason for devoting yourself, your time, talents and energy into your business.

  2. Your major company asset is YOU-Take care of yourself.  Your health is more valuable than the most expensive machine or computer software.  Exercise, eat right and get enough rest.  Maintaining your health and balancing your business and family time will give you energy that will enhance your mental outlook.
  3. Seize every moment-Look at every day as a gift filled with opportunities to rise above fear, self-doubt, and mediocrity.   Set specific goals to succeed and make every effort to exceed your own expectations.
  4. Set an example of trustworthiness and integrity-maintain a strong work ethic.  Treat others with honesty and respect and the business will come.  It’s not about the bottom line, but about building relationships.
  5. Be flexible, except with core values-At one point or another, your best laid plans will falter and will need to be changed.  Sometimes a trip in a different direction is just the way to increase growth.  However, NO matter the pressure for immediate profit, do NOT compromise your core values or integrity.
  6.  Don’t let fear of failure hold you back-Look at failure as an opportunity to learn.  If you encounter a roadblock, think of ways around it and take action.  There is more than one road to success.  There will be plenty of ups and downs as you build your business.  Learn from them and move on.  You cannot change the past, but you can use it to your advantage and not make the same mistake twice.
  7. Use your time wisely- It is crucial to think ahead and plan your course of action.  Schedule wisely.  Don’t put off doing something just because you think it takes too much time, is hard to start or is boring…do it anyway.  Procrastination leads to missed opportunities.
  8. Discover your innate power-Find the power within you…your power source and use it to fuel your passion, and release that greatness within you.  Use that power to deal with challenges.
  9. Believe-You need to believe in yourself, your company and your products.  Your confidence is contagious.  See yourself as a go-getter with the power to turn a no into a yes.  Be determined to blaze new trails to success.
  10. Have the right attitude-How many times have you seen the underdog team or player win over the more talented opponent?  Attitude is everything.  Stay positive and find ways to keep that first day freshness, enthusiasm and determination.  Reflect often on why you are doing what you do.
  11. Constantly improve yourself-Stay abreast of what is going on in your field and constantly improve your knowledge and skills. Enroll in classes or access self help tools that will help you improve yourself.
  12. Periodically step outside your comfort zone.  Challenge yourself to try something new.  Take a class, make a cold call, go door to door or join a networking group or do a radio interview.  Complacency can be our worst enemy.  There is always room to grow, we just have to keep making the effort.

 Of all these tips, passion is the most important.  We can learn the other 11 tips, but passion comes from within.  You cannot fake it for long.

Love what you do and do what you love

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