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God is EVER-PRESENT to help us.

He tells us many times in His Word that He is “ABLE & READY to help”. He will help us through our day…there are so many paths to travel from the time we get up to the time we go to bed. So many choices & decisions to make…many that will effect our future.

We must be continually aware of His Presence and aware of the benefits & deficits of our choices.

We can get through our day in two ways…

One is to stumble along in our own strength, moaning & groaning when it does not work out as we hoped or planned…limping through life missing GOD’s direction and Blessings OR Choose to walk with God along the path He has chosen for us.

It will most likely still be bumpy and full of struggles, however…we CAN rise above it all and face our day with confidence with HIS STRENGTH! If we could only learn to lean on GOD CONTINUALLY…we could walk along HIS path of PROSPERITY & PEACE.

How amazing it is to see that when WE ALLOW GOD COMPLETE ACCESS to our life… He takes our trials and transforms them into BLESSINGS for us and those around us!

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