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Barley, carrots and beet juice powder concentrates
Whole body health


Starter Pack: Xtra Body Booster 3

Garden Trio with BarleyLife Xtra, rasp. Herbal Fiberblend

Available to all Members, this Starter Pack contains a group of AIM products designed to improve health or address specific health concerns. The combination of these AIM products helps to maintain overall body health. Garden Trio provides the benefits of juicing without the inconvenience, while the raspberry Herbal Fiberblend powder helps promote regular bowel movements and remove toxins from the body. Select nutrients include folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber. Together, these increase energy and help maintain a healthy immune system.

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AIM BarleyLife Xtra

Whole food, live enzymes and delicious

BarleyLife Xtra  Made from the most nutritious plant on earth, AIM BarleyLife is a whole-food concentrate with a complete nutritional profile – from pH balance to essential vitamins and minerals. Give your body the nutrition it needs.

Nutritious young barley grass

Who said, “If it’s good for you, it has to taste bad?” AIM BarleyLife Xtra is a delightful, cherry-apple flavored green barley juice powder. Naturally sweetened with fruit and vegetable powders and Lo Han (a fruit specifically chosen for its sweetening ability), AIM BarleyLife Xtra provides a healthy, nourishing alternative to the plethora of sugar-filled drinks available today.

  • Provides a full spectrum of nutrients
  • Children love AIM BarleyLife Xtra
  • Adults with a more sensitive palate choose AIM BarleyLife Xtra
  • Natural flavoring includes the powders of 15 fruits and vegetables and the natural sweetener, Lo Han
  • No artificial or synthetic sugar, coloring or preservatives
  • Free of animal products, soy, and wheat
  • Each 6 g serving of AIM BarleyLife Xtra contains 5 g AIM BarleyLife
  • Great source of vitamin C,a 6 g serving contains 34% of the Recommended Daily Intake

Natural magnesium…oh, so relaxing

Cell Wellness Restorer   For centuries, people have traveled great distances to soak in the healing mineral waters of renowned spas. Today, AIM Cell Wellness Restorer™. a unique and natural bath additive, brings the spa to you. Cell Wellness Restorer is a blend of desalinated seawater and elements essential to the body’s good health. One such element is magnesium – a mineral that is vital to the production and transfer of energy within the body, the contraction and relaxation of muscles, and the conduction of nerve impulses. Cell Wellness Restorer is an ideal way to start the day, or to end it.

  • Reduces stress, improves sleep
  • Increases energy
  • Relieves sunburn
  • Relieves insect bites
AIM herbal FiberBlend

Sweep out old fecal matter naturally

                                   Herbal Fiberblend Raspberry Detoxify and cleanse with the powerful combination of herbs and psyllium found in Herbal Fiberblend. A powerful colon cleanser, 17 different Herbs in a psyllium base. Outstanding for cleansing the colon without fasting and colonic irrigation. Results in a balanced assimilation of food and a more thorough evacuation of waste. Fights parasitic infestation and more. Herbal Fiberblend can sweep your system clean of toxins. You can feel the difference!

Optimum nutrition for whole body health

Garden Trio  AIM Garden Trio® powder

Includes AIM BarleyLife®, AIM Just Carrots®, AIM RediBeets®

Whole body health results when all body systems are in balance. No single body system is targeted—we make choices that keep all systems toxin-free and that supply all systems with optimum nutrition. The result is total wellness: waking up every day feeling great! The AIM Garden Trio® is three all-natural, vegetable juice powder concentrates that help provide the daily nutrition you need to develop a strong foundation for your good health.


Juicing is separating the juice of a fruit or vegetable from its fiber. It is a means of receiving optimal nutritional benefit from the fruits and vegetables we eat. Although there is value in eating raw fruits and vegetables, juicing provides a means to ensure that we are able to ingest and absorb the maximal amount of nutrients available.

Studies show that juice can provide most of the basics of human nutrition, including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals, as well as phytochemicals and enzymes. Phytochemicals are simply plant chemicals that are thought to be essential to health. They have been found by the American Dietetic Association to be beneficial in at least four of the leading causes of death—cardiac disease, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. Enzymes are essential for the thousands of chemical reactions that occur throughout the body—the production of energy at the cellular level, the facilitation of digestion, the absorption of digested nutrients, and the rebuilding and replenishing of all that the body requires for metabolism to occur.

How healthy is juicing? According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, three raw carrots (216 g, or a little less than one half pound) contain about 2 g of protein, 21 g of carbohydrates, 60 mg of calcium, 1 mg of iron, 696 mg of potassium, 22,026 International Units (IUs) of vitamin A in the form of betacarotene, 19 mg of vitamin C, 30 mcg of folate, and traces of many more vitamins and minerals.

Dr. Norman W. Walker (1981) explains that a diet without fresh, raw vegetable juices is deficient. This is because when raw vegetables are eaten instead of juices, a large amount of them is used as energy during the digestion and absorption processes. Juices are ingested and assimilated within 15 minutes and this enables the nutrients to be used almost in their entirety for the nourishment of the cells. In 1976, he said, “Juices are very liquid food, mostly organic water of the finest quality with nourishing atoms and molecules in comparatively microscopic volume. It is the microscopic volume for which the cells and tissues are starved!”

If you find it challenging to get the recommended daily servings of vegetables, try the AIM Garden Trio®. You’ll get the vital nutrients found in three important foods – green barley, carrots and beets. Each is packed with the essential enzymes found in whole-juice products, plus antioxidants and a host of other nutrients to maintain good health. You’ll promote a healthy immune system, have more energy, and wake up every day feeling great! The Power of Powders: increased absorption irrespective of stomach acidity levels; faster absorption as tablets have to be broken down; easier to take for those with swallowing problems; larger servings of nutrients are easier to take.

  • Helps maintain whole-body health
  • Helps maintain a healthy immune system
  • Provides increased energy
  • Benefits of juicing without
    the inconvenience
Alkalizing with Great vanilla taste in a sleek new package!

Alkalizing with Great vanilla taste in a sleek new package!

ProPeas   As a vegetable source of protein, AIM ProPeas® provides 12 grams of protein per serving in a low-sugar, low-carb, low-fat concentrate. Protein is a key component to weight management, helping with satiety, metabolic rate, and lean muscle mass. In addition, the vegetable pea protein in ProPeas offers a safe, allergen-free alternative to common whey and soy protein options. Sweetened naturally with stevia, ProPeas tastes great mixed into a smoothie or combined with chilled rice milk.

  • Allergen-free, vegetable source of protein
  • Assists with weight management
  • Helps build and maintain healthy muscle
  • Low sugar naturally

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3 responses to “AIM whole food juice powders & supplements

  1. Hi, Tami! How do you become a certified Biblical health coach? I’m curious, especially if you are new to Dr. Russell’s book…I thought he was ground zero, of sorts, for biblical eating. I’m interested in finding out more!

    Also, I wrote the companion cookbook to his book (“What the Bible Says about Healthy Living Cookbook”)…let me know if you’d like me to send you an ebook version to peruse. I’d be happy to send it to you.

    Many blessings in your ministry…I’m with you, Sister!

    In Messiah,
    Hope Egan

    • Hi Hope!

      I am so sorry I am just replying to your post. I am new to blogging and my friend is the one who actually told me I had a non-spam comment.

      I am learning all about twitter, FaceBook and all those avenues of promoting my workshops, classes and whole food products.

      I DO have a copy of your cookbook and my family and I love it! It is so cool to be chatting with you! I am planning on trying recipes and blogging about them.

      To answer your question about becoming a certified Biblical Health Coach…I took a class on line with the Biblical Health Institute

      Blessings & Wellness to you, my friend,

      Are you on Twitter or FB? I will look for you:)

      Tami Cole, C.H.S & Biblical Health Coach

  2. Thanks for your note, Tami. I just looked for you on FB but didn’t see you…try to friend me there. Nice “meeting” you! 🙂

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