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The Burden

The burden that I carry is so heavy on my back,

I am stumbling as I try to move forward, it is strength I lack.

Down again I fall as these trials get me down,

If only someone would help me get my life turned around.


I cry to the Lord, please help me, but He seems nowhere in sight.

My path is oh so dark, like the blackness of the night.

I cry again for hope, a faint cry that seems so weak.

The lying voice inside my head’s so loud I can’t hear You speak.


You say, “be still” and come to Me and lay it at Your feet,

I cannot seem to let it go, I’m afraid my expectations You won’t meet.

Oh how I wish to raise my head and say I will obey

But fear has got me in its’ grip, and on the ground I lay.


Get up my child, you gently say.  Get up and take my hand

I will work out all your trials, just not the way you planned.

I wove it all together before you were in the womb.

I paved the way so you’d be free, I even cleared the tomb.


So trust my child, I Am The Way.  I will not let you down.

I Am The Truth , it is not a lie,  I can turn your life around.

I Am The Life you seek to know, the path that sets you free,

I want so much to hold you close, if you’d just trust in Me.

Tami Cole April 2018


Believing what we cannot see

Can we Believe what we cannot see…

Believe…what does that really mean? Are we operating solely on faith when we believe someone?






1.  To accept as true or real                                                                                                               2. To credit with veracity                                                                                                                   3. To have firm faith, especially religious faith.                                                                       4. To have faith, confidence, or trust                                                                                         5. To have confidence in the truth or value of something                                               6. To have an opinion; think

believe (one’s) ears—To trust what one has heard.
believe (one’s) eyes—To trust what one has seen.
reference:  http://www.thefreedictionary.com/believe

What about if we cannot see?

Many times, when we believe…we cannot necessarily see what it is we believe…like oxygen…we breathe it in, we have faith that the oxygen is there to fill our lungs.

What about faith in GOD?  Can we believe by reading ?   We have not yet seen God face to face but we believe His Word. We believe the word of others who HAVE SEEN.  We believe GOD HIMSELF breathed His inspiration into men to write His Word.  So if we believe His Word…IT MEANS We believe He LOVES us., CARES for us, calls us PRECIOUS, has a GOOD PLAN for us. YES!

The New Testament urges us throughout to believe in Jesus Christ. The well-known scripture John:3:16 explains that God loved the world and gave His Son so “that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” Believing in Jesus is THE KEY FACTOR.

I believe GOD’s WORD FULLY.  I believe we ALL have a PURPOSE here.  We are here to uplift each other, to let our light shine.  I believe YOU MATTER.  YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE! I believe you are reading this because God has a MESSAGE for YOU.

Don’t lose heart…BELIEVE.

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Life is a Temporary Assignment

Aruba is a great place to visit, but it is not my home.

Aruba is a great place to visit, but it is not my home.

Welcome to DAY SIX fellow traveler!  

This journey is about finding our purpose in life according to what God says. DAY FIVE I was reminded that life is a test. If I transform my mind by focusing on God, and NOT transforming to this world…I will be ready for each test and see if they align with God’s will.

Here is Day SIX of “The Purpose Driven Life” by Pastor Rick Warren

DAY SIX: THINKING ABOUT MY PURPOSE  (Taken directly from the book, page 52)

“TODAY’S FOCUS:  Life is a Temporary Assigment

POINT TO PONDER:  This World is NOT my Home

BIBLE VERSE:  ”So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” (NIV)

QUESTION TO PONDER:  How should the fact that life on Earth is just a temporary assignment change the way I am living right now ”

Here are the treasures I found from  DAY SIX:

I shouldn’t get too attached to Earth. I won’t be here long. I am just passing through. I am not supposed to be comfortable here. I am an Ambassador for Christ. If I am too comfortable here, my loyalty to Heaven will change. I would betray my home and my King. Oh how many times have I betrayed my King and my Homeland?!

How many times have I broken His heart? I can tell you…ALOT! Take my latest vacation for example. I had lots of time to ponder Day SIX. I just came back from 8 glorious days in the beautiful island of Aruba. It is so sunny and balmy and I think a bit like Heaven …

Very easy to become comfortable there. With maid service, free and half price exotic drinks, gambling just outside my door…so many worldly temptations. I must say I did sample a fufu drink here and there and I took a chance on some slot machines…I could easily become “of the world”, but I should not.

It is very easy here to forget that life is not about indulging my every earthly pleasure. The Bible clearly says, “The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can’t see will last forever.” 2 Corinthians 4:18b (Msg)

As I was enjoying the 80+ degree weather and not missing the below freezing temperatures in NH…I felt a bit like I was betraying my homeland. However, I must remember I am native to NH not Aruba. Just like Aruba…Earth is not my home, it is a great place to visit, but it is temporary…I am Heaven Bound.

I know God planned it that we will never be fulfilled on Earth. It brings to mind these lyrics
There’s a God-shaped hole in all of us
And the restless soul is searching
There’s a God-shaped hole in all of us
And it’s a void only he can fill

Taken from the song, “God-Shaped Hole” as written by Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, Wayne Kirkpatrick Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

Eternal values, not temporal values, should become deciding factors for my decisions. I should want to make choices that effect God’s Kingdom…not Earthly life. AND NOT so I can get what I want in this life.

Following God does NOT always mean I will get my way, it doesn’t guarantee success in a career or even a ministry. I just need to be faithful and God will do the rest.

I don’t want to be like the Israelites…becoming so complacent on Earth that I lose my focus on the REAL Promised Land…HEAVEN!

How about you, my traveling buddy…are the choices you make today going to effect Eternity or just Earthlife?

Reference: ”The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren, 2002 Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, pages 47-52

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Steps of Faith

Take Daily Steps of Faith

Take Daily Steps of Faith

Do you catch yourself being impatient with God? I know I do. And trust me when I say I have learned the HARD way… I think I know the best way to handle a problem or difficulty…but I don’t. I usually do more messing than blessing.

While waiting for an answer I sometimes stew over my problem…muttering that so and so has this or that, all the while moaning about what I don’t have.

Or I run ahead…I am famous for running ahead. I jump at opportunities that are only good…NOT BEST. I am way at the finish line, neck deep in commitments and looking around for God.

I hate to admit this, but I sometimes even find Bible verses that I kind of “tweak” to fit the answer I want. Have you ever done that? Or am I the only one?? Sometimes I wonder why He even puts up with all my mistakes…and then I remember that He forgets. I long to run to Him, climb up in His lap and say, “Help me, Daddy!”

Starting today, I will take steps of faith that demonstrates I Trust You Lord…and have put my faith on the line. I am going to try to focus on how BIG You are and praise You for Your solution to my problem…Instead of focusing on myself and my problem.

Happy Father’s Day!

Here's to you Dad!

Here’s to you Dad!

I just wanted to stop for a moment and say thank you to Our Heavenly Father for Dads, to say thank you to my Dad and all The Dads out there who make a difference in our lives.

If you are a Dad, thank you.

Remember…You may not think so at times, but many little and not so little eyes are watching what you do, ears are listening to what you say, feet are following the paths you forge. You are our example…thank you.

If you are reading this and your Dad is no longer on earth, I am sorry. I can relate and I wish you peace. If your Dad is still here, I hope you enjoy him. I know sometimes things happen that make that impossible…if that is the case, I wish you peace also.

I grew up in a home where my Mom and Dad stayed together. He worked hard everyday to keep us fed. We did not have much growing up, but we did have enough to eat, a warm bed and a good home. I was the only girl and who I am today is a reflection of him…partly because he showed me I could be myself and that I have value. I should aim high and not settle. I grew up in a time where a Dad’s word was true and what he said mattered and I listened. I cared if I did something that upset him and it bothered me if I felt like I let him down. No matter what, though, he loved me always. He taught me to respect my Mother because he did. I learned to drive a car because he took the time to teach me. He taught me that the choices I make today will effect my tomorrow, so I better be careful what I do.

His smile was broad and his sense of humor right on que. I haven’t quite mastered his brand of humor. The one thing I did not learn from my Dad is faith in God…well not until after he was gone did I see it. I learned faith in God from my Mom…I always thought my Dad kind of let my Mom believe for both of them. It wasn’t until his last few weeks on earth, that I saw his faith come alive…I am joyful to say that I got to teach him something (or you might say I was reiterating what Mom used to tell him) …how to embrace faith and believe for himself…and I will see him again…love and miss you Dad. Check out more blog posts at http://www.myfatherswellness.com

Discover your Innate Power


One key to success is discovering your innate power and using it to deal with challenges.    Don’t wait for others to open doors for you.  Make a conscious effort to find your power source, use it to fuel your passion, and release the greatness within YOU!   My inner power is Jesus Christ.  “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me”  Philippians 4:13


Faith and it’s impact on Stress

Peaceful Sunset

Sunset on Northwood lake

Life and stress… let’s face it…. We all have to deal with some type of stress in our lives daily.  For the most part, we deal with it almost effortlessly and seem to manage just fine.  But what about when we can’t deal with stress?  What if we are constantly bombarded and are unable to deflect the blows?

How we react to stress and stressful situations can determine our health. Some turn to unhealthy behaviors to try and deal with stress, they could include alcohol and substance abuse.  Others may turn to food.  Others still may light up a cigarette or stay up into the wee hours on the internet, trying to find relief, but actually causing more harm by sacrificing sleep.  These behaviors negatively affect our health and well being.

Faith can be the anchor that keeps a person steady in times of stress and turmoil.  Biblical principles can be the rudder that keeps us on course, no matter how the sea of life is tossing us.  These principles often enable us to live a life much less impacted by stress…stress that others would see as overwhelming .

In one of the verses of a song I wrote, called, “Fill me up with Jesus” I struggle with troubles & stress, but when I look to Jesus, I am reminded He is all I need.

“Lord, I feel I’m drifting, getting bumped along life’s way.

Sometimes I feel my sails are torn and any storm could make me sway.

I need some reassurance that the path I walk is true.

Sometimes I feel I’m empty and my resources are few.

Fill me up with Jesus, til there’s room for nothing else, no room for pride or prejudice,

Til there’s nothing left of self

Fill me up with Jesus; He’s all the fuel I need,

He holds me and consoles me, on His Word, I wish to feed”.

We still have all the potential stressors, but how we react to them determines our health or lack of.  If we can look through our “God lens”, so to speak and rely on Him for support, we will not be so overwhelmed.  A steadfast faith and a positive attitude can certainly impact our mental and physical health and impact what our lifestyle habits and choices are.

I believe it is our habits that largely impact our health and the very quality of our lives.

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Jesus Had a Choice…He Chose You.

What is Easter?  I pondered that question recently.  Is it a time of renewal, a time for great joy and a time to celebrate?  Yes, but what else does it mean?

Let’s take a look at a few Bible verses and understand what Jesus did and why he did it. In Acts 2:22 and 23, it reads,

Jesus and the empty tomb

“Jesus from Nazareth was a very special man.  God clearly showed this to you by the miracles, wonders, and other signs He did through Jesus.  You know this because it happened right here among you.  Jesus was given to you, and with the help of those who don’t know the law, you put him to death by nailing him to a cross.  But this was God’s plan, which he made a long time ago; He knew all this would happen”.

Jesus knew what he had to do.  He came to earth to redeem us.  There was no other way to be reconciled with God.  Jesus would rather sacrifice himself and be separated from The Father briefly, than to let us go to hell with no way out.  He loved us and loves us that much!  He knew what was coming and he chose to follow God anyway.

Easter is the focal point of the Christian faith and it is rightly so.  The resurrection is what really matters.  It is God’s promise fulfilled, Jesus died to save us…you and me.  We were condemned, the cell door was locked and the key was thrown away.  There was no way we could ever live up to a perfect God.  We were lost and the saddest part is that some people don’t even know it.  Jesus knew that He was the only way to reconcile man to God.  We were separated from our Creator by sin.  Satan thought he had all the bases covered, having Jesus crucified was his goal and his joy.  He never realized how much Jesus loved us.  Jesus came to the prison door and said, “let him/her go-I will take their place”.  We certainly didn’t deserve it, but that’s what He did.  He opened the door and we were set free, all we have to do is accept what He did for us.

The story doesn’t end with death, oh, no, that’s just the beginning.  Jesus arose on the third day in a victory over death and sin.  Death couldn’t keep Him in the grave.  He arose and shook off the chains of death and hell.  We have the answer.  Jesus is it!

So you see, Jesus did have a choice.  He chose to give us a way to be reconciled with God—-without HIM, we would be lost.  He is Risen!  He is Risen, Indeed…Happy Easter!  Happy Resurrection!